Laggy text transitions? (beta 2)

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Hello All, I've searched on the forums and FAQ and can't seem to find anybody having similar issue with this.

When I go and edit a theme and enable 'Transitions' on the Text Formatting window, i get REALLY laggy text transitions.


I've tried using just a plain black background and the text takes literally 10 seconds to switch from slide to slide.

It slowly fades out and the next slide slowly fades in. (no transitions work instantly as expected)


My hardware is pretty decent.  (Easyworship and Mediashout perform silky smooth text transitions on same machine)

AMD Opteron Dual Core 2.5Ghz

Nvidia GTS 250 (latest drivers)

2GB of Ram

Multi boot: WinXP SP3, Ubuntu 10.10, Ubuntu 11.04  (tried Openlp on all)


All 1.9xx Openlp versions have performed the same on each OS that I have.


Is this a common problem or is it just me?

Awesome software by the way! I loved playing with the web control from iPod touch out of this last release :)


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    No it's been like that for me also on any hardware and OS I've tried OpenLP on ever since 1.9.3.

    I leave transitions off on all themes.

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    At church this worked correct (I only used it for one event), although the computer's specs are not good (I do not know the exact spects):

    • less than 1GB (probably 512MB)
    • less then 2GHz (I think it'll be something between 1Gh and 1,8Gh)

    I am not sure about the graphic card, it probably has 256MB of memory, though I do not know the manufacturer/model.



    PS: I think the transition is done with JS.

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    Yeah, we know there are issues with transitions on some systems. It'll be worse the higher the screen resolution and if you have both outlines and shadow switched on. But you may even find it slow regardless of this, I'm afraid.

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    Please stop creating new threads with the same content (which I hid).

    Consider this as a warning, if you do not stop this, we will disable your account. However, if you experience(d) technical problems which caused this, then let us know.



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    I could not delete the other post (or posts?).

    Everytime I tried to submit this thread it gave me some "404 Bad Request error" so I didn't believe the website took it.  So I tried again not knowing the forum actually took my post.

    I tried this on my work computer and home computer, both gave me the same error? (Firefox 4.0)


    I had no intent to duplicate posts, and once i realized I did, I could not delete either one.  Is there a way to do this? (I didn't see any options to do so)

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    Strange ...

    Well, the other threads are hidden, so no need to worry about them.

    Nevermind Smile

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    This looks like the most recent post regarding slow/laggy transitions.  Has there been any progress on this?  Any tips to make it faster?  I think this is one of the major roadblocks from us migrating to OpenLP permanently.

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    There have been no changes regarding the speed of transitions I'm afraid.

    Tips to make it faster would be to use a lower screen resolution and no text borders or shadows, and probably a plain background. If on Linux using cutting edge versions of QtWebkit might help.

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    So now that we are up to an RC have there been any changes regarding this lagginess.  I was planning on suggesting this to a pastor friend of mine.

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    Nothing will be happening on this until post Release 2.

    Only urgent bug fixes will be looked at.

    After that it could be looked at but would be depending on the fuctions avaialble in the underlying tool kit.


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