New Feature Request: Option to add blank slide to beginning and/or end of songs

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It would be great to have a single checkbox option that added a blank slide at the end (and optionally another  checkbox to add a blank slide to the beginning of every song.  (I could see it being useful to add to all items, like presentations, verses, songs,etc. since it adds some flexibility to go to the next item and see what is next, without committing to showing something on the screen.)

I am finding it very tedious and error prone to having to add a separate blanks slide to each song and then ensure that someone does not remove it accidentally when they are ordering the verses.  This would be a great little feature that our church would love to use.

Thanks for all the great work on this software.


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    Does the "bank to theme" (T on the keyboard) not work well enough for you?


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    One of the things that I have found frustrating in the presentation software discussions is the topic of learning curve. I used to have MediaShout and at the beginning the main complaint between MS and Easy Worship was that MS was harder to learn. That might have been true if you wanted the operators on Sunday to be able to maximize the programs potential but it really wasn't necessary for us. We could put someone up their and simply tell them to keep hitting the space bar and it would work all the way through the service. Sure, they couldn't add a song on the fly but if we had the service set up right to begin with it would work.

    I think that is the issue with all of these little things like this request. I would love to be able to set up the service and just tell the operator to use the right and down arrow. That is also why autoplay for videos would be good. The only reason I am commenting here is to stress that for some of us, to be able to set up a service and have an operator one click through it, is very important. Yes, we could do more training but we would rather have our people focus on other ministries and not need to spend any time on media.

    Thanks again for a great product and the countless hours you guys put into this,


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    Maybe we need a competition to see who can write the easiest user guide.  Here's my entry:

    Display first song by double-clicking on it
    Step through verses by pressing DOWN-ARROW
    At the end of the song, press T to turn off Text
    Get the next song ready by pressing RIGHT-ARROW
    When requested, display the song by pressing T to turn on the Text.

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    You can add a blank slide, simply set up a custom slide with the background as black and the text colour as black, put in some smart text like "blank slide".   Add this wherever you would like a blank slide in the service.    I did this for a special service where we just wanted the songs, it worked amazingly well. 

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    You say:

    Yes, we could do more training but we would rather have our people focus on other ministries and not need to spend any time on media

    As the person who leads up, at the momement, our media/projection/tech team, that comment stings a bit.  You should view this as much as a ministry as anything else.  The sound team, the tech team, the projection people are all performing ministries, they are working to provide the environment for the rest of the congregation.  The way you phrased that minimizes the importance of their role.  If their job isn't important enough to train them on, then maybe it's not a job that man power should be put in to.   I'm frustrated that I don't HAVE a team, I  have a couple of people who can do the down and over to move, and they at least know about T and . to blank the screen. 

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    My apologies, Mhalbrook. I didn't intend to minimize the work. So let me try and say it another way. 

    I try not to develop ministries and then find people to fit them. I prefer to help people find that place where their passion and gifting intersect with God's will and encourage them to go for it. If media ministry fits that for someone, or several people, I would encourage them to maximize the potential of the ministry and I would consider it just as important as any other one. I am also okay with not having a "traditional" ministry if no one fits that calling. We know God provides everything we need so if we don't have a person for it, either someone is not responding to their calling or we don't need it at this point in time. I also have some people who do a fantastic job creating and preparing media but, for one reason or another, are not able to operate during a service.

    I guess I should restate my point by saying one-click operation gives us more flexibility. There are a lot of activities that go on in the life of a faith community that get done, not because of a ministry calling, but just because of people with a servant's heart. Someone with a calling for media ministry is going to do a much better job at operating OpenLP (even if it was one-click) because they are much more aware of things like timing, and the ability to do so much on the fly. I'm just saying that if you don't have that, one-click allows us to get something accomplished with people who do it from a servants heart even though they live out their calling in other ways.

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    I think I will try the custom blank slide between songs...that might do the trick, it just makes the order of service a little more cluttered, but that shouldn't be a big deal.

    If you look though at a usablity standpoint, it is nicer to have less steps.  Sure I can train my people to do the above steps...but since they only do a sunday every 4-6 weeks, they have forgotten it by the next time and there are actually a lot of moving parts when you look at:

    1. down arrows

    2. T

    3. right arrows

    Plus we are doing sound recordings and other things that they have to keep in mind...which all just add to someone's mental load when they are doing the presentation.

    So my goal is always to simplify this as much as possible.  This is why I turn on the "go to next item in service" option, and add a title to the start of the songs and a blank slide to the end of the the instructions for usage during the service is:


    1. down arrow


    So the person just has to get it started and they are ready to go...they just keep pressing next.  This allows for a much simpler work flow and they don't have to think about getting to the end of a song and when to blank the screen, etc.

    I will work with a blank slide, but I still think a simple checkbox option like this would be simple to add and give the options for people to always have that "safety" slide at the end of the song.  Just like powerpoint does with the "end of slide" blank slide.


    God Bless,



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