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it would be great if openlp had a feature where it would allow to download lyrics from a database. that way we can just search for a song and with one click it installs it under your songs. also it would be nice if you can do the same thing with themes, i know we can download them from the website but a search engine inside the program it would be great and make things easier.


sometimes on the service the band sings songs that we dont have under our list and it takes away from the service when we cant get the lyrics in time;


either way, blessings to this tean because is doing a great job and you have been a great blessing to many.


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    Have you any examples as to where we could download from.

    All sources are covered be licences and prohibit us from doing this.

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    CCLI SongSelect now has an API that can be used for song searches and lyrics downloads. Previously, you had to use the website to download and import the lyric file which is a bit cumbersome. Now that feature could be directly integrated into the OpenLP interface. There doesn't seem to be much technical info available online but there are some examples of other software that use it on the CCLI SongSelect blog. I guess the devs need to contact CCLI personally to request information.

    I agree that it would be great to be able to search for new songs very quickly and get them on the screen in a few clicks. SongSelect requires a special subscription but many churches have one as it also includes chords and music.

    -- Carl

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