I have a proble with korean bible

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firat of all, thanks to developers who coded OpenLP and make it sure to worship GOD with presentations.


I'm a Thoelogy Student living in Seoul Korea, 27 years old. surly I'm korean and speaking korean. For me, English is a forign laungague.

Even my English is not clear, forgive me ;)

I'm serving a church as a Worship Leader. So presenting Lylics is always hot issue for me.

Last week someone told me about 'OpenLP', so now I'm trying to adopt OpenLP to my church-worship-system.


I found korean bible osis file that could be used on OpenLP



So I tried to present this bible, It's work but I found a problem. To exlplain more clearlly, I show it with some examples.



In English bible, even next line, words are not divided.

like this, (and it has no error)



<21st Century King James Version>



1:5 And God called the light Day, and the

darkness He called Night. And the evening

and the morning were the first day.




But In korean bible, next line, words are divided.

like this,

(you would differcult to read Korean text, so I wrote.....in Englsh.)


<Korean Bible(but transelated in Enlglish)>



1:5 And God called the light Day, and th

e darkness He called Night. And the even

ing and the morning were the first day.


you see, 'the' is a word. 'evening' is also same. but they are devided.


like this.


Actually In English bible, words are not devided. But In korean bible, words are devided.

I have a snapshot picture showing this situation. But in this forum, I can't upload picture file. So I explained by 'the examples'



If the way to fix the error is exsist, give me.


P.S) It's my first time to introduce myself in this forum. but I'm upset it to introduce me with a error. The only when did I know OpenLP is last week. but I really want to adopt it my church, and other churchs of  my country. I believe, OpenLP is cleally help me and other korean christians who are having worship with presentations. Many korean churchs use presentations, but they don't know about OpenLP. the only MS powerpoint is being used(And other presenting programs but very expensive).  I want to talk with other OpenLP users and want to talk about it. So, Nice to see you and GOD bless you ;)


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    loscane, welcome to the forum. I don't know why you are having this problem. I suspect that it is a problem with how the source file you are using for the Korean Bible is formatted and not really a problem with OpenLP but I don't know. I just wanted to say welcome and that I think you did a very good job of explaining the problem you are having. Hopefully, someone will come along soon and be able to provide you with a proper answer.

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    Please try other downloadable translations at http://www.holybible.or.kr

    or other download sites. I belive the problem is the encode format of the bible you are using.

    See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_language_and_computers

    It might be encoding in EUC-KR problem, or ISO-2022-KR method. 

    Try to download several and find one that does not split the syllable.

    I do not speak Hangul, so you speak English better than I speak Korean.

    I don't know if my idea will help, but I offer it as something to try.

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    I don't use a Korean Bible, but we use Korean all the time and it works perfectly. We use a template that specifies a Korean font and custom slides. Never had any problems with Korean or Chinese.

    When I get time I shall try a Korean Bible to see what happens.

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    I understand what this is about now. The problem, I think, is not with OpenLP.

    I have looked at how Korean displays on my setup and on web pages. It is as you describe. So what you call a problem is in fact normal for Korean.

    If you go to the website listed above (http://www.holybible.or.kr) and view the Bible text it does the same thing. You may have to narrow your browser window to see the effect. Each compound character is treated by the browser as a single word, and it will break a line between any two of them.

    I think OpenLP uses a browser engine (Webkit?) to render text so it would be normal to get the same result.

    No one in my congregation has ever commented on this. I don't think anyone has even noticed. It seems normal to them.

    Sorry, but I am not aware of a way to get line breaks where you want them. It is normal on Korean websites, so a fix is unlikely.

    Maybe the developers can suggest some tag to wrap around your text.

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