Cubby Invites

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I've mentioned before that I use Dropbox to sync the data for OpenLP between multiple machines.  Much easier now that we can customize the data location (Thanks for that by the way guys).  Well, I've found what may be a better option, at least if you're not using Linux, Cubby  From checking the processes, when Idle, it uses less resources than Dropbox does when it's idle, and it also has the benefit of syncing to the cloud, or just across accounts, skiping the cloud.  I use the cloud for the data folder, services folder and the images folder, becuase I need to share those between users, and can't do that without the cloud.  But I use the cloudless sync for the music and videos for the media machine.  That way we can keep the vids synced to the main computer all the time, and not eat our space much.  

They start you out with 5 gigs, unlike the 2 you get to start with Dropbox, and you can expand to 10gigs with referals (1gb per referal) making it better all round in the capacity than Dropbox.  Only downside is no Linux support, but I think they're looking at it.  

If you want an invite, still in beta, send me a private message and let me know.  Between our church's 2 accounts (worship and office) and my own I've got several invites available.


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