Using 2nd monitor to set up internet/video on extended desktop, while service running?

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Really appreciate this program and what it's provided for our church (at a cost we can afford!)

I'm not super techy, and so was wondering . . .

When you have multiple monitors set up, can you have a secondary monitor (showing extended desktop) to look at what's 'behind' the presentation showing up on screen that everyone's watching?

The purpose being setting up youtube/streaming video on that 2nd monitor, while running Open LP for songs & ppt on the primary one, all during the service.

I currently try to set up the browser/video on the extended screen before service, but it'd be nice to be able to fiddle with it during service before I show it.

Or is there a better way to show steaming video? 

Just wanted to know if that's doable before I tried (ie. buy another monitor)

Thank you!




  • Hi

    It took me a while to get my head around what you were asking.
    Current scenario assuming a PC
    Screen 1 - Main PC monitor - control screen
    Screen 2 - Projector - Audience / Congregation.

    Currently background videos setup before service on Screen 2/projector before openLP is started.
    When OpenLP started and is showing for instance text with transparent background
    during service the video behind the openlp is visible to the audience.
    Is there anyway of showing the background video preview on an extra monitor without
    openlp's overlay if a third output is added to pc.

    I believe the answer is No.

    At least not as simply as you are suggesting.

    However I may have a couple of workarounds using a second PC/Laptop/DVD player
    one solution with a capture card and one without.

    If you setup your machine which is running OpenLP with a capture card.
    Make it so that whatever is coming in on the capture card
    is the background behind openlp on the projector. Whatever you feed into the capture
    card is the background, so if the source to the capture card
    is a dvd player then attach a second screen to that dvd player, or if the capture cards
    source is another laptop instead of a dvd player, then the laptop screen acts as your preview.

    Alternatively there are plenty of video switchers/mixers
    that can combiner two sources together to feed your projector doing the overlay
    of openlp on top of video. However we are into serious money.

    Alternatively instead of a capture card, you could run a vlc player as the background
    on screen 2/projector, which displays a video stream produced by a second pc/laptop.
    Not something easily setup by the feint hearted.

    Hope that helps


  • I have another solution, which is legal here in Canada, and also legal in the UK, but not legal in the United States, where the MPAA and RIAA have more say with the politicians then the people who vote for them.... 

    If the source is Youtube, I use Keeptube or another similar tool to download a copy to the computer, if it's another online source I want a way to get a file out of it, you can never trust that The Internet is going to be available during a service (I'm in a semi-rural small town, you can never trust anything to be available when you need it).  Once it's on the computer I hook it up as a media file, and I don't worry about needing to preview it, in some cases I use a video editor to cut pieces out of a video I don't need. 
  • If this is what the original poster wanted then I've clearly misunderstood the problem, which doesn't surprise me, so thanks for the re-direction wogster.

    In the case of youtube if you have the "free real player" software installed then right click on the youtube video and click download.
    You can then use real convertor which comes with the free version to convert it to wmv format for instance.
    If you also have adobe flash player installed it will disable the real player download plugin in internet explorer, so the right click option won't appear, you'll have to re-enable it.

    Let us know how you get on.




  • Thanks for your comments! 
    Just got back from a missions trip, and saw your replies now.

    Wogster is correct in that I wish to preview online content before I show it.
    Sorry if I made it confusing!

    For convenience sake and flexibility, I wish we could have this option, for our volunteers who are not able to set that up during the week. But if downloading prior to service is the only option, that could be made to happen.

    I have tried downloading content previously, and found video quality lacking . . . but the programs you've mentioned give high quality video/sound? 


  • First a little about video, video files are huge, a 640 x 480 frame is typically 4 bytes per pixel, or over 1MB per frame, at 24fps it's 28MB per second.  In order to save server space and to reduce the download size (to something that most DSL/Cable modems can handle) they compress it, using a method called MP4. MP4 is a lossy compressor, it throws away information that it doesn't think is needed, on a 15" computer screen it looks fine, on a 150" projection it looks terrible, because the compression is too high for the size of the screen.   Not much we can do about this, unless we have access to the original raw video and can compress it at a lower rate. 
  • Some Firefox extensions for YouTube allow you to download the high quality version of a video if it has one.
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