More details on how to import song from Easyworship

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I've search through the forum and user guide and I tried the import tool that should help in migrating my EasyWorship DB into Open LP Database. I tried to import the Song.db file but I cannot see any song in openLP. I would be grateful if someone who did the import successfully could give some hints on how to do that. Which file (or files) should I be importing? "Song.db" file did not work for me.

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  • Make sure you have the correct file. I successfully imported our church's EasyWorship database into OpenLP, but that was at the beginning of last year. When I did though, I noticed that there were a few Songs.db files in various locations, and it took me a few goes before I found the right one.

    Unfortunately I cannot remember which one it was, and I'm not a Windows person, so I was grabbing in the dark as it was when I did the import.
  • Thank you Raoul, I finally had success in importing my songs into OpenLP. I've round the correct Db file in Easyworship. Thanks
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