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I have been evaluating the latest Open LP and a number of points have arisen.
1. Sometimes you get a flash of the desktop screen before switching to PowerPoint.
2. When running PowerPoint any change to on input selection or move to next item, PowerPoint stops.
3. Have had problems with PowerPoint running and just the black screen, reduced the hardware acceleration down until it functioned.
4. Would like under songs selections such as Hymns, Hillsong, favorites and others as we now have in Presenter 3.2.

Other wise system works very well.
Thank you for all your efforts.


  • One key to successful Powerpoint you need to make sure it works properly to your screen, without OLP, this resolves most of the problems with it, right there.  The mechanism to control one program from another is very complex, and even though it's been around for nearly 20 years (it came out around the same time as Windows 95), it still doesn't work 100%.  Powerpoint also doesn't always play nice with this mechanism either.  Impress actually works smoother, but uses a cross-platform connection mechanism that actually works better to a large degree. 

    I think that a search by type has already been proposed.....

  • When I try to open a presentation with OLP, I get a message 'this type of presentation is not supported'. When I open OLP, Power Point 2003 is opened as well. Power Point works fine on its own. I have tried the 'Allow Presentations to be overwritten' to get a dropdown box so I can choose Automatic, PowerPoint or PPViewer 2007. None work. Same message. If I go to a directory and right click a .ppt and 'Open With' PLP, I get a message that the file is corrupt no matter what .ppt I try to open. I uninstalled and reinstalled OLP. I downloaded this yesterday. It is version 2.01. Plug ins show everything active except remote.
  • I am using Windows XP Pro 2002 SP3 on a T42 Thinkpad, PP2003 and PPViewer 2007 in MS Office Pro. 1.8 Ghz processor, 1.5G RAM 1600 x 1200 UXD display.
  • I also did 'Repair' on PowerPoint, though I haven't tried to make a new .ppt since 'repair'. I was not having any problems with PP, but saw that somewhere as a suggestion. I also downloaded the C+  x86 thing that was suggested, but don't have a clue what to do with it.
  • You realize your version of PPT and PPTViewer are different, I would uninstall the PPTViewer and PPT then reinstall PPT and see if that helps.  The biggest cause of issues with Windows is the fact that it's shared library (DLL) mechanism is a little (some people would say a lot) broken. 

  • I downloaded and installed the viewer2007 only because PP2003 wouldn't work.I thought maybe it would work instead. but it didn't. In the meantime, I have discovered that if I make a new .ppt presentation without using a previously made .ppt presentation as a template (I usually just replace words to make a new set of slides for a new hymn and a new worship service), the new one works. So, perhaps, if I make a new template for hymns and a new template for services, new slides made from those templates may work. The down side is that I have thousands of already-made .ppt presentations that, apparently, won't work due to something that, apparently, the previously-installed PP did in the process of creating them. They still work fine in PP, but apparently not in OLP. It doesn't work to load them, modify them, and save them, even if I change the name. I have to start with something made from scratch in the newly reloaded PP and then paste words into those slides. Cutting and pasting thousands of slides is easier and quicker than retyping thousands of slides, but not something I'm likely to sit down and do. A fix tor this issue would (apparently) be a Windows fix instead of an OLP fix, but if anybody has a hunch, I'd like to try it.
  • The ideal is to start to transition away from using PPT, that's what OLP is for...

    The only thing I use PPT for at the moment is the announcement loop at the beginning, or if the Pastor has a PPT they want to use.  This is temporary, in the near future, I will dump the announcement loop into a set of PNG files, then make those into a looping video and eliminate the need for PPT most of the time.  The video could run background music for the times the pianist is away, and doesn't do a prelude....    There are only about 10 slides in the announcement loop, so this should be easy, it's whether Movie Maker can make a looping video or not.....

  • OpenLP cannot open PowerPoint Presentations directly. When you "right click and open with" you're telling OpenLP it is opening a service file, not a presentation. That is why it tells you the file is corrupted.

    I can't tell you why your templates are not working, I don't use PowerPoint or Windows so my knowledge of those is mostly hearsay at this point.
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