Screen 2 setting switched back to Screen 1

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Hi... We have at typical OpenLP set-up with two screens. Unfortunately, every time we shut down and reopen OpenLP it resets our monitor preference to Screen 1. 

The only way to correct this this problem is to select "Settings... Configure OpenLP..." and change the monitor preference from "Screen 2" back to "Screen 1" and then back to "Screen 2" again. This allows us to get an image on Screen 2 for our worship service. Unfortunately this stops working when we shut down OpenLP and has to be completely repeated every time we use OpenLP.

Wondering if anyone has experienced this problem, and what the solution is. 

We are using OpenLP v2.0.1 and Microsoft Office 2007. We have already tried uninstalling OpenLP and PowerPoint and re-installing them, and this hasn't helped.

Thanks very much... Randal


  • I've never had an issue like this, but I also don't use Windows. Are you starting OpenLP before or after you configure your screens? I recommend you start OpenLP after you configure your screens.
  • Raoul may have a point.  I've used OLP with Windows and Linux, and have never seen this either.  You need to use the proper procedures though.....

    Plug projector into computer, if it's a laptop with the lid closed, if it's a desktop, before you turn it on. 
    Turn on projector.
    Turn on computer (lift lid if a laptop)
    Wait until the proper background is on the screen.
    Start OLP.

  • I have seen this behavior with OpenLP 2.0.1 on Windows too. It usually happens when openlp is started before the 2nd screen is enabled.

    OpenLP could be able to detect at run-time when the 2nd screen becomes available. The Qt4 library has a mechanism for that.
  • Thanks for your suggestions raoul, wogster and matysek...

    We've tried enabling the second screen before starting OpenLP as you suggested. We get a Windows logo on the secondary screen as expected, and the pointer movement suggests this is working correctly. Unfortunately, when we start OpenLP it will not display the live worship on the second screen.

    The only thing that seems to work is to go into the configuration settings, change the monitor preference from "Screen 2" back to "Screen 1" and then back to "Screen 2" again. This gets us through worship, but stops working if we run a PowerPoint presentation or if we shut down the computer. (I'm wondering if there is data corruption issue in the configuration settings.)

    Any other thought are appreciated. Matysek, is there some simple process that a user can follow, using the Qt4 library as you suggested?

    Thanks again.
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