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Love the app. So handy.

I have set up OpenLP to advance through the service so that the non-tech people can simply use the down arrow or spacebar to advance through the service (they are used to using a single powerpoint file for each service). I place a blank song between each song, and it works really well.


The notices for each Sunday are a powerpoint file. When we get to the last slide of the powerpoint, OpenLP will not advance to the next item in the usual manner, and requires a change of operation (usually right arrow to advance). Can the advancing at the end of Powerpoint be more intuitive to help our luddites? Please?


  • This sounds like getting someone to drive a car and not showing them how to change gears.  How about setting up a couple of training sessions for your "non-tech people", to show them some of the facilities within OpenLP.  
  • Yes and no. I train them how to get around this operation, but it would be wonderful to be able to remove this operational inconsistency from an otherwise polished interface.
  • We've started using OpenLP at church this year and find it easy to use and very helping in managing the various components of a church service.

    I've been meaning to sign up on the forum to mention this very issue.

    In the Configuration options there is the Advanced tab. One set of options there are the "Service Item Slide Limits." I have it currently set to "Move to next/previous service item." This makes the service advance with the down arrow through everything apart from a presentation file such as a PowerPoint. When the last slide is reached, pressing the down arrow does not move to the next service item, despite this option being set on the Advanced tab.

    At least for the way we use OpenLP, it would be great to have it move to the next item even from a PowerPoint file if this option is selected.

    Thanks for your time and consideration of this!

  • Thank you very much for that.

    Of course, take your time as it does not adversely affect the usability of the software. Just in a small church, when you have to grab someone at the last minute (as sometime happens) to operate the computer, it is much easier to tell them "all you need to do is keep hitting the down arrow" rather than "keep hitting the down arrow until you come this this point in the service, then hit the right arrow, then keep hitting the down arrow." ;)

  • I quite understand, David, being in a small church myself and being the one in charge of the audiovisual ministry  :)
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