windows 8 remote problem

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Is anyone else using win8 having trouble with the remote function?  i
can't even get it to open the views (stage or control) through a browser
on the same computer.  i've wondered if its win8 security issues, so i
disabled every sort of security function i could find in the control
panel (not really a sustainable idea),  Is there a setting I can tweak
or is this an OpenLP win8 compatibility issue.  Thank you for your
help.  and thank everyone involved in OpenLP for the wonderful product
that we enjoy weekly!


  • I haven't had any issues with Windows 8 and OLP. The remote features work the same as always. I do remember having an issue back when I went to Windows 7 and had to change some security setting to allow the Remote Connection. If I remember what that setting was I will comment again
  • I'm presuming you've checked that you're using the correct IP address, the remote plugin is enabled, and that your firewall configured to allow the OpenLP remote to operate.
  • yeah.... i've verified all of that stuff, and even re-installed openLP.  i get the same process to work on other machines.  but for some reason, on that win8 installation, openlp can't even share to a browser on the same machine.  It's just simply not hosting at all.  any thoughts?
  • I'm afraid I don't know. I'm not a Windows user so I wouldn't even know where to start looking. I do know that some people are experiencing problems with Windows 8, but to date we have not been able to reproduce any of them. When we test OpenLP on Windows 8 it just works.
  • It works in my win8 VM. However, when I start two instances of OpenLP and close one then it does not work.... maybe you opened it twice?
  • we fixed it!  A real computer tech was at church sunday night and set it straight.  Openlp was using a different IP address than the computer was assigned from the router.  I didn't actually realize they needed to intentionally be the same.  As for what this has to do with win8 vs. win7, i'm not qualified to say.  I used openlp on two other win7 machines and they worked flawlessly every time with no tinkering.  It could be that openlp isn't correctly detecting the DHCP IP address from win8 machine, or that the win7 machines were just consistently lucky on grabbing IPs that fit the OpelLP default.  I wouldn't know.  But I'm glad it works, that you guys for all of your input. 

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