BG images in stock themes don't fill the screen

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In the stock themes, the BG images don't fill my 1280x800 screen. Do I
need to build new themes, each set for different screen resolutions?


  • Hello,

    Yep, we keep the aspect ratio of images when displaying. (Note: We recommend to use lower resolutions because that often means better performance)

  • Thanks. I search high and low for "stretch" or "Fill" or "Tile" and they were nowhere to be found. That's an odd limitation, but I can certainly live with it. Appreciate your help.

  • When you display images you normally want the aspect ratio to be kept.

    You need to edit your images with a photo editor like GIMP.

  • The current version of OpenLP was primarily written to be feature-aligned with OpenLP 1. This was a limitation of 1, and when rewriting OpenLP 2, we had limited time and had to make decisions between extra features or feature-parity with version 1. In most cases, feature-parity won.
  • Use images in the native resolution or aspect ratio of your display system. You can use compressed jpg's that are "lightweight." A 1280x800 res image should be around 120kb and look great on your screen. Easier than GIMP, I just use Shotwell crop feature with HD Video (16:9) constraint, hit the CROP button and save the image selecting "Scaling Constraint: WIDTH" then enter 1280 in the pixel box. Viola! Perfect image :)
  • Really this is something that minor-ally bugs me.   The two screen ratios commonly found is 4:3 and 16:9.  But all the default provided themes are all 4:3.  Some 16:9 themes include out box is really asking that much.

    With grouping being add in Video and Images in openlp 2.2.  It would be good to see grouping also appear in themes based on what ratio they are.

    I search high and low for "stretch" or "Fill" or "Tile" and they were
    nowhere to be found. That's an odd limitation, but I can certainly live
    with it. Appreciate your help.

    Odd limitation no its not.  To rescale well you need todo the following kind of operation .   Problem is when this kind of operation goes wrong it goes really wrong.

    Take if it a picture of some thing and you stretch really wide its going to look horrible.   Same if you compact it in.   Liquid rescale attempts to avoid this by avoiding changing the scale of everything..

    Raoul I am sorry to say openlp v1 has it correct on the don't rescale bit.  I would not think it was just feature parody.  Some people would have worked out images to scale to different ratio require human control .

    On lets add features I would go possible add tile.  Tiling images really are the only ones that are close screen ratio neutral.   Default theme being a Tiling theme would be a good thing.

    Both Stretch or Fill are really open up a photo editor and redo the ratio correctly.

    Other option would be to allow themes to contain more than 1 background image so 4:3 16:9 both could be the same theme entry.

    In fact it would be handy for top to bottom for someone travelling with a presentation to be able to select screen ratio and see some different of those items that match the correct ratio.   Like 4:3 and 16:9 videos exist as well.
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