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Hi everyone,

we've recently discovered the print option in OpenLP and would like to use it. However, we would need it to print the content in two columns instead of one. I've spent quite some time now trying to adapt the service_print.css but wasn't able to do that.

Does anyone know if that's actually possible at the moment and how to implement it in the CSS?

Thank you!


  • Hi Pixi,

    I've had a bit of a look in to this, and I'm sorry to say that I don't think that there is a way to do this at current.

  • Hi Pixi,

    I have a pre-prepared Word document, with multi-columns already setup - this acts as a template document.  Then, whenever I need a multi-column lyrics sheet, all I need do is use the "Copy" option at the top of the "Print Service" screen, to copy the whole text, then simply paste that text into my Word document.  It works so easily. The current preference at my church is for A4 paper, landscape format, with 3-columns!

    It's very useful having that Print Service option in OpenLP.


  • Hi guys,
    Thank you very much for your comments.
    I like the idea of just copying it into a template and having just quickly tested it, it seems to work very well. And it will still make things so much easier.
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