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Hello all and thank you all for the work you have done to make this amazing program. I am not a tech guy but I have had the best experience with OpenLP. We used OpenLP during an international conference and broadcast. It worked marvelously. I wanted to know if there is a way to show live video from the camera through OpenLP? Currently I have a male VGA that splits into two females, one for OpenLP and another for the camera switch. To switch between the two, I close the PC running OpenLP, then switch the Camera out to the projector. It sorta works but the time to switch everything around results in moments of blank screens. Is there a better way?


  • Hello tbanda98,

    connect the camera to the computer. Configure VLC, that it will display on the second screen.

    When you want to display the camera feed, choose the camera feed in VLC and press "D" in OpenLP (which blanks to screen).

  • googol think openlp uses vlc internally what is need is some way to add camera to media list.
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    I know that VLC can be used as backend. But it is currently not possible to add camers to OpenLP (and vlc is not able to do text over video within OpenLP).

  • googol get the development branch openlp 2.2.   The alteration in the way VLC is loaded allows you to use a VLC video stream as a background behind custom slides and songs and bible quotes.  Been watching this for animated backgrounds.  The change here to VLC being a core part.

    So text written over by Openlp over a VLC video is possible in 2.2.    I work on what features are need by looking at what is in the development then seeing what is missing.   What is missing is the means to add cameras to media list if you use the development version.

    Subtitles on VLC videos are another matter.

    I am really looking forward to 2.2 fixes a lot of annoyances and get some things close.
  • Hey oiaohm,

    The "internal vlc change" does not add any functionality to OpenLP. Trust me, by the time of writing this, OpenLP cannot use VLC for text over video (unless you start VLC yourself and use a transparent theme). I am absolutely sure, because I am a core dev ;)


    PS: Despite I am sure it is possible to add this functionality. I spent some time on this, but had now success. However, there is certainly a way to solve this.
  • googol that is interesting because I have used the replace live background button using engine vlc by the screen and had it work with a 2.1 current development copy.  In 2.0 that combination throws a straight up fail.  I downloaded a new copy of trunk and now find have the fun that all plug-ins other than media and presentations are not working so I have not been able to fully test.  I guess I was lucky the time before when I tested that I had bibles songs and custom slides working.

    googol the functionality to replace live background was in 2.0 just bust with anything other than webkit playback.  So what I was looking at was not adding functionality it was fixing existing.   Text over playing video works in 2.0 as long as you like webkit for playback.

    googol I will test another time and hope the plugins come back working.   Could have been me being lucky to get a version where it just happened to have everything working.
  • I am sure that webkit was used instead. To make sure that webkit was used, check the 2.0 code out and delete the and from openlp/core/ui/media

  • Ok 2.1 uses webkit for live background disregarding player set value.  2.0.1 from Ubuntu openlp repository is obeying whatever the current set player is.   Also 2.0.1 on Windows does the same thing.

    Sorry googol I was thinking the two versions were behaving the same.    Yes there is a difference here it was not was thinking it was.

    I think I have found a patch for 2.0.2.
  • No need to excuse.

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