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We are in the process of installing a new wizz bang projection system. it includes a laptop dedicated to OpenLP :-) I am not yet sure how to make the most of everything and so would like to confirm the best setup. 

We have a main projector (with 2 repeater TV screens), a large screen at the back to be used for a stage view and 3 extra screens (outside noticeboard, entrance area, creche). We have a video switcher that can take 4 inputs and send them in any combination to 8 outputs. We have little boxes to transmit all the video signals over cat 5. We also have WiFi. I have an old PC available (used to control the outside noticeboard screen normally).

We plan to add cameras so that we can put on any screen a general view of the whole front of church or one showing detail from the front (of baptisms, weddings etc).

The laptop can (I think) run an extended desktop over it's own screen and 2 external screens (vga and hdmi connections).

My initial intention is to show the slide view on the projector and all external screens. An operator will use the laptop to advance through the service with the preacher having the option of using a remote to control slides during the sermon (either a usb remote or the android app).


1. Stage View. Am I correct that OpenLP cannot display the stage view onto a 2nd monitor attached to the laptop? So display the stage view I need to use a PC connected to the http:..../stage webpage (or for that matter load that webpage on the appropriate part of the extended desktop of the laptop.

2. Remote View. Is it possible to have a web page that simply shows the current slide view? No controls, no preview of next slide. It should show exactly what is on the projector. I would like to use this to allow people with poor eyesight to have an android tablet showing the slides. A 10" tablet will give them a really large print view of song lyrics and liturgy.

3. Stage View. I would like the stage view to show the current image rather than the filename. I use a lot of images and can't remember the names. Is this likely as a future development?

Thanks for any suggestions.



  • 1. You can open a browser on the same PC, there is no requirement for the browser to be on another box completely.

    2. No

    3. Possibly. We don't have any feature requests for it, IIRC, but that doesn't mean we can't do it (if we have the time, of course).
  • The "Remote View" sounds like a very cool idea. I've heard a lot of people bring up the idea of using some sort of stage-ish view for tablets for easier reading. Perhaps a webpage link and/or Android App Branch could receive from OLP an exact duplicate of the display.
  • All that new kit and you're still not happy :) any room left in your budget for one of these:

  • Duplicating what is on the presentation screen is a non-trivial matter. We have been discussing this recently, and the current consensus is to leave be. One of the biggest challenges is getting PowerPoint or LibreOffice to have a web view that can be sent to your browser. This, as you can imagine, is somewhat outside of our control.
  • Eh, who needs PowerPoint or LibreOffice when OLP is getting so awesome?
  • "Duplicating what is on the presentation screen is a non-trivial matter. We have been discussing this recently, and the current consensus is to leave be. One of the biggest challenges is getting PowerPoint or LibreOffice to have a web view that can be sent to your browser. This, as you can imagine, is somewhat outside of our control."

    Could this be done with a VNC wrapper of some kind? Of course screen geometry would need to be the same but it would enable to multicast to multiple projectors without hardware repeaters instead using cheap pc's and wifi.... just a thought. Of course i have no idea how to code such a thing but since i use VNC in all kind of situations I know it is a versatile open source tool.. Just a thought .
  • It would be overkill on the bandwidth and some additional hardware, but you could broadcast a live video stream of the signal sent to the projector.
  • The live video stream looks like the best idea for what I want. So will be looking fort something like GraFrost's suggestion, especially as we want to record services in the future anyway.
  • rroginela  the issue with your suggestion is lag.   You  screen capture and multi stream.   But the compression takes time and lag is what kills you. and  its possible to send screen scraping to web.  This is for rroginela 8 second lag using VLC to screen scrape and send to web page.  rroginela basically ouch.   Then think about consumed CPU time.

    VGADVI Broadcaster like boxes have advantage of decanted encoding hardware.   Still between encoding and decoding can end up being like a second out.

    Means to insert extra html into remote view to access like VGADVI Broadcaster output and others and display on the remote tablet is most likely the best that can be done.

    raoul Custom html code in remote view is that asking too much?    Custom being for capture devices video feeds.   Also the custom could be used by the insane using like VLC streaming.

    One day a solution might be fast enough without requiring external box.
  • Like Dave42W, I am interested in finding a solution to allow audience members to follow the presentation on their Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices. Unless having multiple connected devices results in sluggish performance, it would seem the Stage View feature is a potential candidate for this. However, I don't want the possibility of rogue controls issued by the audience. Is there a way to activate the Remote plugin but disallow the Web Remote feature?
  • One of the core devs has added some features to the remotes plugin:
    1. Password protection
    2. HTTPS connections
    3. and a "live view"

    The "live view" shows the same as the projector apart from media (sound and video are not supported, but the rest (including presentations) are supported).


  • google I guess power point and impress transition effect are also missing in action.   Same camp as sound and video.   Bandwidth heavy items.

    Same as projector minis slide transition effects,  sound, video is what I am kinda expecting.   If the developer has pulled off side transition effects working I will be impressed.
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    No, presentations also work. It is simple, the little preview image in the live controller is send over the network to the clients. So everything which has a still image works.

    I currently do not have a second monitor to test it

    I think I misunderstood you. Yes, the animation itself is not animated on the client side.
  • googol yes you did misunderstand and it was my fault for not stating exactly what I was talking about.
    Animation/slide transition effects are used in some slides here.   Reason why I just need to clear that up.  Thanks its exactly how I expected to be remote its animated its not shown.

    I do think in future it might be possible to show the animation and transitions in presentation files on the remote when libreoffice does support html5 fully or a html5 viewer supports it. does not support transitions/animations at this stage and I don't know of any other great viewer. is small.   Under 100kb to insert a base line odp support.

    Password protection and https are two big ones particularly when you want to display to some people and you want to allow control to others.

    Static screen shots solution I always see as being required as well.  Its light on bandwidth compared todoing quality.

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