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  The way my church designs their format are in a way where the songs are oriented vertically essentially rotated 90 degrees like the following example.  Can I do this in OpenLP?  Thanks.image


  • Not really. I guess you could create your own formatting tags and supply text-rotate in CSS, but I can't say for certain that it would work.
  • Here is another option but it isn't very appealing because it would take a lot of time and it severely limits versatility.

    You could create a theme for each song and set OLP to use themes at the song level. Then create a graphic to serve as the theme for each song and include the vertical title on the graphic. Then create a theme with that graphic and set the text to be right justified. Finally, link each song to their respective theme.

    As I said, this severely limits versatility because you would have the same theme every time you used that song. I only suggest it because maybe that is what you are doing currently and this would be a way to do the same thing with olp.
  • I tried to rotate a line, which is possible. But it breaks pretty much anything it can break. Unless you spend lots of time it won't work.
  • googol so I guess each section is not in div tags that you can with css assign absolute positions to.

    There is a main area there is a footer area in theme that look to be absolution positions.   This text is by its nature in the footer area.   so googol I I could work out how to rotate everything in the footer area and create a Theme with the footer box upside it might work and produce close enough.

    Author and Song title would have to be up side from what I am guessing.   Footer information placement options would be nice top bottom left right.
  • Thanks everyone for all of the replies so far.

    Oiahm.  If it would  be possible to rotate everything in the footer that would be absolutely wonderful!

    My church relies on this formatting quite heavily.  We have Offering, Pre-Service Prayer slides... essentially most titles are vertical so if we can rotate the footer that would be great.  

  • Geohisa, a bit off topic, bit I like the background! Where did you get it from?
  • Hi Phill, thanks!.   It is our church logo, slightly offset
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