Can't play .mp4 video

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I'm unable to play .mp4 files on openlp v2. I have all the video players installed and can play the video outside of openlp. Anyone have any ideas?


  • Not sure if this is a similar issue, but moving VLC to the top of the Player Order within Configure OpenLP | Media got my .mp4 files to play correctly. (Using v2 as well)
  • I had a similar problem a few weeks ago. The issue was that the extension (.m4v) wasn't being recognised as a format that VLC supports, so it was being played with the Webkit player which didn't know how to play it either (or played it with no sound, depending on whether it was on Windows or Linux). That's been fixed. See At the time, the workaround was to rename the file to .avi. You do also need to make sure that VLC is the primary player, as indicated by mshields33.

    [Weird. In the list of posts this is highlighted as a recent thread from December 5th, but now that I'm in the editor to post a reply, the comments are dated May 4th.]
  • Carl, in "fixing" the .m4v "bug", I realised that M4V is actually an Apple version of MP4 which *usually* contains DRM that VLC cannot circumvent. It seems that your M4V file actually didn't contain DRM and hence VLC could play it. M4A's are Apple's restricted audio format.

    Renaming your file to AVI just meant that OpenLP and VLC were tricked into thinking it was an OK file, and then when reading it they discovered it was an MP4 file.
  • Sorry for resurrecting an old thread. I've only just seen Raoul's response to this (I guess I didn't have notifications enabled at the time).

    Is relying on the file extension to identify supported media a good policy? Issues like the one above (supported file but unsupported and incorrect extension) may be rare but it does happen and occasionally VLC is updated to support new formats. Would it make sense to try to play a file in VLC regardless of the extension and if it doesn't work pop up a message asking the user to check that the file is a supported video or audio file (or fall back to the other player prior to displaying the message)?
  • carl I agree on extension as identification is bad.  Also throwing everything at vlc is also a security nightmare.  Yes throw everything at vlc is a don't do ever solution.

    carl what about the case that the new support in VLC is highly buggy that case you want to reject those files.  This is why you want to filter what you throw at VLC.   Doing this is not complex.  Boring to implement but not complex.

    The to filter is that libmagic exists for Windows Linux and OS X as part of the file command

    This has a python wrapper.  from what I can see its only 1 extra library and one definition file to add openlp windows installer.  Linux and OS X will have libmagic installed why there file-managers depend on its existence.  Yes libmagic is why linux and OS X file-managers can open files without extensions successfully most of the time.  Support formats could be configuration.

    VLC in fact could be broken by a incorrect extension file being sent to it that it does not support.  Same with powerpoint impress and every other program openlp calls out to.

    Really it would be good if it was possible to use libmagic mine type identification sorting for cases where downloads have wrong file names like media.mp4.aspx

    raoul most new M4A and M4V don't have DRM encryption but are instead watermarked so VLC plays them without issue.  Turned out encrypting for DRM was driving apple nuts with the different failures.

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