Error Upon Theme Deletion

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Don't know if anyone ese has encountered this.

I created a theme called March 01 then found I did not need it and so deleted it. After that point every time I opened OpenLP I would get an error message that the march 01.xml file could not be found. The program would then fail to open..

I recreated a March 01 folder with xml file inside and OpenLP would open without any issue but would delete the folder as soon as it opened. This would cause a repeat of the issue next time I opened OpenLP.

The only way I could fix this was to create a new theme called Marh 01 and save it. The issue has not returned so far however I do think that this is a bug that needs attention.

Thanks for all your hard work on this superb product.


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    I've just quickly tried and it and I don't get this problem.

    I assume you're using version 1.0 (final). Which version of Windows?

    In the options how are you setup to use themes? Global, Order of Service or Song? Did you assign the March 01 theme to any songs or order of services?



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    I am using version 1.0 final on a laptop with XP. The theme was not connected to a song. The themes are set as per song and the last OOS is set to open upon relaunch. I iwll try to duplicate it later today as I have work to do on it later.
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    Well I have found a similar error, but don't know if it's the same one!

    1. Set to open last oos and themes by song

    2. Add new theme.

    3. Add song to oos, edit song and assign it to the new theme. Save oos.

    4. Delete theme

    5. Exit, restart Problems occur as described above. Problems continue to occur even when changing the theme on the song back to a valid one.

    Further analysis:

    Looking in the sqlite database, no entry for the theme exists in the settings table and all the songs have settingsid 0. Looking in the app data directory, no folder or image exists for this theme. Ahh, found it in the registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\\Theme_Default - set to my non-existant theme.

    So to solve it, I just went into the settings and changed my default theme so it wasn't the ' Default Theme' (which it is defaulting to on screen load)

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    I figured it might be that the default theme was set to the one that was deleted. We'll put in a check for this in 1.0.1.

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