[Feature Request] Create/Edit Custom Bible

edited September 2013 in Development
Hi there!

I love OpenLP, and our congregation would love to use it - in fact, our music director is already sold on its features. However, we have a problem that is keeping us from making the switch from Powerpoint to OpenLP: our Afrikaans translation is not available for download or import in any way.

Therefore, I propose a solution whereby an OpenLP user could create a custom Bible, or edit an empty Bible, via some sort of interface which allows the user to fill in the translation's name, the book, verse and chapter numbers, and then simply type in the verses as needed.

This would enable a congregation to have, for instance, a Sunday's verses ready without having to try to type, convert and import the entire Bible translation before being able to use it. Perhaps then, as time goes by, more verses are added, and corrections are made, the congregation would therefore be able to use verses that have been added in the past when such a passage is used again.

I assume there would also be some need for these specific "custom" Bible verses to be transferable in case the service is set up at a pastor's home and then imported onto the church's computer?

Thanks for taking the time to read my request!


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