Hotkeys for slide transition on Mac - broken?

edited November 2013 in Troubleshooting
I'm using OpenLP 2.0.3 on Mac OSX 10.8.5.  When I display slides none of the hotkeys that are documented seem to work.  I hit <C><1> to attempt to switch to chorus 1, but nothing.  <V><#> does nothing as well.

Cursor keys move to the next slide, but I can't jump randomly within a song.

Is this just a known limitation on Mac at this point?  Or am I missing something?


  • Hello,

    Did you have a previous version installed and did it work there? Could you check the shortcut dialog and check if the shortcuts you are trying to use are the correct ones? Also note, that you have to Press "C", then release the key, and within a short time (I think 350ms) you have to press "1". Do not press them at the same time also the time gap should not be too long.

  • I've found the issue.  The shortcuts only work when you're presenting and using the live panel.  I was trying to test things out using the preview panel, double clicking on a song to start it out.  I found that when I used the live panel, the shortcuts worked.  So the problem was my lack of familiarity with the app.
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