Edit a powerpoint while it's in the service plan

I was asked to edit one slide of a powerpoint which I had already added to the service. I made the change in the file, and it previewed OK, but displayed the original in the service. Should I have removed it from the service and then re-added it? Is there a guaranteed method to make it take the updated version of a changed file? Does the service contain cached copies of all the files and songs?


  • If that is the case, then OpenLp should check for changes in the background to reload ppts (or other files) if they changed before they are displayed
  • I would have deleted it and added it back in just to be sure. This is one of my fears with OLP. I see tons of requests for features or fixes for problems like this. But it seems to me that to do that would add more code to the program and the last thing I would want to see is a program that is bloated and begins to require more powerful hardware or runs slow. This seems like one of those issues that is not routine and can easily be handled by humans taking a few simple steps to fix.
  • Well, what are computer for, than to actually do that tedious work no one wants to do by hand anymore. That's *exactly* why we have programs (like OpenLP) which do the tedious work (of removing and adding files) for us so things go along more efficiently and faster! And if it seems that the code is getting slower and slower and more bloated and maybe unreadable it's usually the programmers fault. That's what modular programming is for, to make things smaller and easier readable :)
    I understand if features can not be added because there is to little time to implement them, but usually there are real 'business use cases' behind feature requests that should make things easier :)

    And computers and programs are there to make things easier, are they not?
  • Ha Ha All that may be true but just look how hard it is to find any program that is not bloated. Even dominate programs like MS Word are a train wreck.

    For a lot of people who use OLP I would imagine cost is a big factor. That also means that cost is probably a big factor in the hardware they use and that means it has a high probability of being under-powered. In our case OLP helps us with stewardship. We could have spent money on hardware and expensive software and have some extra features OLP does not have. However, we chose to upgrade an older computer plus OLP and use the money we saved in other ministries. I hope Raul and the gang realize that their efforts have made a lot of unrelated ministry possible. Some churches budget for new hardware and software every three years. That just wasn't right for us.
  • Thanks for the compliment and encouragement Tomlikesfree. We certainly do hope that the money churches would have spent on lyrics projection is spent elsewhere in ministries with more impact.
  • By the way, Steve, to answer your question, OpenLP stores all it needs in each service file. This means that it won't update your presentation unless you manually remove it.

    Some people might think it would be better to auto-update, but an opposing scenario would be that you *don't* want to automatically update the presentation. Having worked in software development for long enough, I know that eventually someone is going to come along who expects the presentation in OpenLP to /not/ update, goes and edits the original, and then is surprised when their service displays the wrong presentation.
  • Raoul, I'm happy to know that I need to remove the presentation (or other item) from the service, edit and then put it back. It was only a problem when I didn't know that's what I should do. Thanks
  • A solution which might suit everyone is to pop up a warning if an imported file has changed, asking the user if they want to reload it or keep the previous version. I use various editors which do this (Notepad++, HeidiSQL). A related option in the settings could allow the warning to be disabled or the file to be reloaded automatically. Alternatively, modified files could be highlighted (colour, bold, icon overlay...) and the right-click menu would offer a reload option.

    Tomlikesfree has a good point about feature creep though :-) Maybe this would cause more problems than it solves.
  • We have been thinking about ways of catering to both preferences, so the jury is not yet out on this feature request.
  • OpenLP does not manage your presentations for you, it simply uses your existing presentation application to display your presentations.
  • In think one option here, and it's one I used, create a custom slide, that says "Place PPT Here", it's white with a black background. 

    Then the last thing before the service starts, when the projector is warming up, put the PPT into the service.  If my wife was preaching, I usually got it, Sunday morning, about half an hour before heading to church, so I had one run through, to make sure it wasn't going to create issues.  If she wasn't (happened once in a while), I would get it, when I got to church.  Sometimes when there was no PPT, I would just delete the slide.  
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