Song with different lyrics for men and women


We sometimes sing "You are Holy (Prince of Peace)" by Michael W Smith.
It has different lines for men and women, which are sung at the same time.
Arranged in columns, the first couple of lines look like this:

(Men)I will sing to   (Women) He is Lord of Lords
and worship            He's the King of Kings
The King who           He is mighty God
is worthy                  Lord of everything

I don't think i can display the two sections in columns, even on a custom slide, as the TAB doesn't keep the same distance each line. Does anyone have any suggestions for arranging this song, either in columns or another way, e.g. can I colour the text of alternate lines differently?



  • When I had to do this, I made the Men's lines a light blue, and Women's lines pink,  With combined sections white.  After the first verse, people figure this one out, and it works quite well.  You use a tag to do this.  Put the text in, highlight the Men's line, right click, select formatting tags, and select the colour you want.  Then highlight the Women's line, and do the same with pink.  The first line you put the title on, so people figure it out faster.

  • Wogster is probably better but here is what I do on this song. This would be one slide and the rest would be on other slides. I don't remember how much we actually have on a single slide but I make sure both parts go together without one getting ahead of the other.

    I will  sing to          and        worship       

    He is Lord of lords, He's the King of kings
  • Yeah Tom, that can be tricky, because some arrangements may have

    I will-----sing-------to an--------d wo--------rship
    He is Lord of Lords, He's the King of kings

    The you get some songs where verse 1 is both, verse 2 is men, verse 3 is women, and verse 4 is combined.  Colour coding, works well here, because you can make verse 2 all in blue, verse 3 all in pink, and use white for 1 and 4.   Some people will get distracted by words on the screen, they don't sing.  What I generally do, is what you did for the first slide, putting the words Men and Women in Italics. 

    Generally though, it depends entirely on the congregation, I've known people who would sing the melody line they learned 75 years ago, no matter what is on the screen, even if it's a completely different tune 8-|
  • Thanks guys, for your helpful suggestions. I'll have a go at colouring the lines differently.
  • Finally got around to doing this, and here's my effort, for anybody else who has this song and wants to format it in colour.
    Men's lines are red, women's in yellow with common lines being in white. I found that worked well with our blue swirly picture background.
    {b}{it}(Men){/it}{/b} {r}I will sing to{/r}
    {b}{it}(Women){/it}{/b} {y}He is Lord of Lords{/y}
    {r}and worship{/r}
    {y}He's the King of Kings{/y}
    {r}The King who{/r}
    {y}He is mighty God{/y}
    {r}is worthy{/r}
    {y}Lord of everything{/y}
    {r}I will love and{/r}
    {y}He's Emmanuel{/y}
    {r}adore Him{/r}
    {y}He's the great I AM{/y}
    {r}I will bow down{/r}
    {y}He's my Prince of Peace{/y}
    {r}before Him{/r}
    {y}who is the Lamb{/y}
    {r}I will sing to{/r}
    {y}He's the living God{/y}
    {r}and worship{/r}
    {y}He's my saving grace{/y}
    {r}The King who{/r}
    {y}He reigns forever{/y}
    {r}is worthy{/r}
    {y}He's the Ancient of Days{/y}
    {r}I will love and{/r}
    {y}He is Alpha, Omega{/y}
    {r}adore Him{/r}
    {y}Beginning and End{/y}
    {r}I will bow down{/r}
    {y}He's my Saviour, Messiah{/y}
    {r}before Him{/r}
    {y}Redeemer and Friend{/y}
    {b}{it}(All){/it}{/b} {w}He's my Prince of Peace
    and I will live my life for Him{/w}
    {b}{it}(Men){/it}{/b} {r}You are holy{/r}
    {b}{it}(Women){/it}{/b} {y}You are holy{/y}
    {r}You are mighty{/r}
    {y}You are mighty{/y}
    {r}You are worthy{/r}
    {y}You are worthy{/y}
    {r}Worthy of praise{/r}
    {y}Worthy of praise{/y}
    {r}I will follow{/r}
    {y}I will follow{/y}
    {r}I will listen{/r}
    {y}I will listen{/y}
    {r}I will love You{/r}
    {y}I will love You{/y}
    {r}All of my days{/r}
    {y}All of my days{/y}
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