Has anyone tried using Prezi with OpenLP? I guess it would have to be launched separately and then use Show Desktop to display it.



  • As you have asked, this is a very non-openlp question. I have never used Prezi, but I have used the "Show Desktop" feature extensively over the years - for instance, here we never use the Powerpoint integration, instead we blank to desktop and use Powerpoint standalone. We use it also for playing videos (we have never got the embedded media player to work).

    So, I can't see Opelnp interfering with Prezi or any other program. 
  • Hi Rafa it's interesting that you don't use OpenLP for showing videos, because for me, that is one of OpenLP's best features! We are using Windows and VLC, and can put any video format into OpenLP (except mac) and it works fine.
    I will give Prezi a try outside of OpenLP.

  • What do you mean by "Show Desktop"?

    It would be great to have an add-in for Prezi like the one there is available for Powerpoint. Any chance?
  • GermanGospel, under the "Live" window there is a monitor icon with a drop-down menu. One of the options is "Show Desktop." If you select it it will show whatever is underneath OLP on your display screen. So the idea is that you could open prezi on your display screen and open OLP on top of it. You would use OLP until you needed to use the prezi at which time you would just use "Show Desktop." After you are done with prezi you would select "Show Desktop" again to return to using OLP.
  • Prezi is probably not the best way to go (license, costs, data protection, ... ). There are several approaches bringing similar and even more features using Html, JavaScript and/or SVG. This may suit more native to OpenLP.
    For example you may want to take a look at Inkscape and the Plugin "Sozi" , impress.js or reveal.js.
    Anyway "show desktop" is probably the best way.
  • Thanks so much, Tomlikesfree!

    I was about to post a feature request for a "show desktop" feature - but it is already there! Hallelujah!

    Too bad I didn't read your full answer from Feb 15 before:
    ---"Show Desktop" feature [...] for instance, here
    we never use the Powerpoint integration, instead we blank to desktop and
    use Powerpoint standalone.---

    I was closing OpenLP every time I wanted to show the desktop! ;o) Thanks God I now won't ever have to do that again!
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