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Sorry if this is documented clearly elsewhere, but, as a newbie, I am just trying to clarify what happens with powerpoint (and other media files) with respect to the service file.

As I understand it ...

When I add a powerpoint presentation to my service, the powerpoint file itself is embedded in the service file. This means if I copy the service file to another computer everything will still work. Similarly, if I reuse the service file some weeks later when the original powerpoint presentation has been removed from my computer, it will again still work. All good!

However, if I want to edit a presentation which has already been added to my service, then I need remove it and add it again for it to pick up the changes. Is that right?

I also assume that, if I have copied a service file which contains a powerpoint presentation to another computer, there is no way to retrieve that powerpoint file from the service (eg. if I want to edit it). And if I delete it from the service then it is deleted for good.

Finally, I'm guessing that this is also true of media files and images. Is that correct?

Meanwhile, can I just say that, having spent the last week playing around and converting things from SongPro, I have been very impressed and excited by what OpenLP seems to offer. We are planning to use it live for the first time next Sunday to see how it goes.



  • As far as I know, you do need to re-import the Powerpoint if you edit it. You don't need to drag it back into the media manager, as that will already be pointing to the external file, but you do need to drag it back into the service. I don't know if it's possible to open it from inside OpenLP and then edit the service copy directly.

    The .osz service file is actually a zip file with some XML files and all the media, so you can access the files quite easily.

    I understand the next release of OpenLP will be different when it comes to including large media files in the service file: https://bugs.launchpad.net/openlp/+bug/885150. Some users had issues because very large videos were taking too long to save and causing the service fille to be enormous.
  • The best way to refresh the presentation file would be to remove it from the service, then right-click on it in the media manager and select "Refresh", then drag and drop it back into the service.

    OpenLP will not package files larger than 50MB.
  • carl to copy back powerpoint out is fairly easy.   The zip of the service ends up extracted in the data folder under servicemanager ends up the raw files.

    1) open service in openlp
    2) go to tools->datafolder
    3) go into servicemanager folder
    4) recover the powerpoint you wish to edit(copy to another location to edit)
    5) edit powerpoint
    6) delete from openlp old version
    7) reimport new version.

    Little issue is if you had many services open you can end up with a collection of fragments from all of them in the service manager folder.

    A clear data folder of no longer required files would be a nice feature under tools for when doing these things.

    raoul please consider allowing an override to the 50MB limit.   Being able to turn a full service into 1 file for transport is good.   Ok a big warning and extraction of files large than 50MB would be fine.   Yes a save option to say I will store everything and I don't care about the size.    Yes detect the fact an zip archive contains larger than a particular size is fairly straight forwards.  Yes I can understand the 50 meg limit on auto packaging.

  • raoul "OpenLP will not package files larger than 50MB." - was that limit expanded? I added a >2GB video and OpenLP crashed while writing the service file which ended up being broken an only about 1GB big. I had to restart OpenLP.

    I reported a new bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/openlp/+bug/1313475
  • Is there any information about the current max file size? We have a countdown video which goes in every week and is 380MB but gets included in the osz file.

    I know the lite service file (oszl) is considered a 'fix' to this but there isn't a way to make oszl the default for saves, so people forget.

    (As an aside, on Windows, OpenLP doesn't declare itself able to open the oszl file type, the user has to manually do it)
  • I don't know anything about current max files sizes, but you've touched on a couple bug reports I submitted a while ago that could use a little freshening up from another user.

    A while ago I submitted a bug report about Windows not recognizing OSZL files by default:
    I believe I had already manually associated OSZL files with OpenLP and forgot to include that in my original report, so it's only about the filetype being named in Windows.  Would you add a comment to the bug report that Windows can't open OSZL by default?

    I submitted another bug report where performing a Save As operation on an existing OSZL file (ie. a service file used as a template) defaults to an OSZ file instead:
    I suggest you comment on that report about wanting to be able to set a default filetype, or else create a new bug report for that.  Searching for osz oszl default only turns up these two bug reports, so I'm confident there's no other pending request yet.
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