Accessing correct song usage from song tracking

I am using OpenLPv2.05 and Win7.
 When I enter the correct dates ie to end Oct 2014 it saves a txt file as... 31082013.txt, which is empty; rather than the entered date and data file.....31102014.txt with my useage.
  Help please as we have to complete our CCL report form!


  • A couple of things spring to mind.
    1) Is the Song usage active and recording? IS there are red or green button in the bottom right corner of the main window?

    2) You do not say what the start date is.  The file name is the from and to start date. I would expect a file to be 31082013_01092014 or something like that.
  • Hi, Thank you, Icon status was first thing I thought of -the icon shows recording is active the song usage. sqlite file is 35K
     When I enter my dates, I used Feb 2014 to Oct 2014, it creates a song usage file :usage_detail_01092012-31082013 text file with 0k. Right format wrong dates!
  • I was showing somebody the song tracking feature the other day (I don't actually use it myself as OLP isn't - unfortunately - the main projection software used at the church I currently attend) and found that although I was setting the dates, I had to actually click on the date in the calendar part to actually make sure it was selected (even if it was already selected), otherwise I'd get the same problem. (This is on Mac OSX Mavericks, my friend didn't check it on their Win7 computer.)

    (As an aside, as a CSV file is created, should the file extension not be '.csv' rather than '.txt'?)
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