beta 4

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Here's a list of known bugs in beta 4.

  • Translation not yet working.
  • Video doesn't show on live control panel screen.
Please add your own below, mentioning the bug, what you were doing when it happened, and the versions of software you're running (Windows XP Home, PPT 2003, etc.)


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    Hi Raoul,

    It's looking good!

    One thing I noticed was that after editing an existing Theme, the theme name is set to readonly, which can cause problems with adding a new theme.

    If you add any themes you need before editing any of them, then you will be fine.

    Edit1: oops, I didn't read all the instructions. This happens on WinXP Home & MCE.

    Edit2: I may as well list the other things here as well.

    I've just finished creating an OOS for this Sunday and found a few things.

    - Maybe it's just me, or does everyone just ignore it like I have until now? Every time I log in to CCLI to download a song it rejects my first login attempt, without changing the name or password I hit go again & it works.

    - It looks like the new Song Select field is renamed "username" and prepopulated in the CCLI SongSelect download login box. Maybe again it's just me, but username != CCLI number. So I've set the "username" field to our church's CCLI number and have to remove it from the pre-filled-in login box.

    - When importing a song from SongSelect it seems the Author & Copyright info doesn't quite import correctly. This was always a drag in .994 having to edit the username & copyright so it would be good to have this working. For me, the authors get put into the copyright field, and a standard CCLI string gets put into the Authors. The copyright info gets lost, I had to go grab it from

    - This probably isn't a bug, but when I add a new author, it gets added to the list of all Authors, but not to the song. So I add the name, then have to go through the list to find the name I've just added, to add it to the song. As an aside, I've always found it better to put huge lists of things (like the Authors) into a Listbox, rather than a drop down. It makes life a lot easier.

    The joys of beta software Laughing

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    'CCLI username' needs renaming to 'CCLI number'
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