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Hi, This is my first post.  OpenLP is a wonderful program -- thanks so much to all the developers.  I have a couple of requests for future features:

1. We would to like hide the 'written by' field on songs, so that when it is not required (e.g. author unknown) it does not display at all.  Is this possible?  I am in favour of offering as much reasonable flexibility as possible when creating slides.

2. Also, is it possible to decrease the font size for the lines under the title?  The Title field should be dominant.  It would be great to be able to set size, color and style for all fields. 



  • Hi geoffr

    We're glad that you like OpenLP :)
    Unfortunately at the moment it is not possible to remove the author information from the footer, even if the author is unknown. I could change in the future though.

    If you want to change the appearance of the text have a look at Formatting tags.
  • Thanks for the reply. May I request that this feature (option to not include 'written by') be included in an upcoming release ASAP?  Also if that field could have the option to resize the font, that would be ideal.

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    Is there a way to temporarily hack the Theme so to remove the 'written by' text?  (on a Mac)

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    I have
    managed to make the footer disappear with the following settings on theme:

    Footer font
    size: 12px
    Font color:
    (black if using black background)

    X Location:
    Y Location:
    Height 150px

    Hope it helps,


  • @Azaziah: Not a brilliant solution as you'll probably find you're then going against the terms of your copyright licence for displaying the lyrics.

    I would agree with the general principle that there should be an option to remove the 'written by' display for when the author is unknown - particularly in my case as when there's an unknown author, my old database used to have '<unknown>' as the author so it wouldn't show on the screen so now it just says 'Written by:   '!

    Also, and I think I've mentioned this before, there should really be an option to turn off the CCL Licence number display for some songs, not just for songs that are in the Public Domain, but also because some copyrighted songs aren't covered by the licence, so shouldn't display that it's been displayed under the CCLs terms. At the moment, I've got it set to not show at all (partially also because my computer is used in different locations with different licence numbers) which isn't ideal as, bringing this post full circle, it's not complying with the terms of the CCL licence.
  • "Written by" is too large, being in the same font size as the Song Title. The song's meta data should be configurable in font size and position. "Written by" is unnecessary in our situation, and not needed or wanted at all.

    May I kindly ask again that it be both optional and configurable.

    thanks again,
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    We will most likely add a feature of making "Written by:" optional in 2.5.1,
    which will be the released after the next release.
    (This will probably be somewhere before next summer)

    Sorry for the inconvenience,

  • Thanks Azaziah, that will be great.  

    Raoul, it does not seem possible to adjust the "Written By" line - either font size or text.  Please let me know ASAP if I am mistaken.

  • In the meantime, is there a file in the app that I might edit to remove the "Written By" text, or change the font size?
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    Is there a way to edit/remove "Written By"?  It is unnecessary and ugly for us.  We use original songs and don't want to display the composer in equal merit as the Title.  PLEASE, an option to hide this line would be very much appreciated, and ALSO to show it, but with an adjustable font size.

    Thanks - ASAP?
  • I'd really like to expand this request to make the whole of the footer customizable, either via an HTML template or CSS, or something similar.

    1. We do not use CCLI as a licensing agent so don't need/want CCLI display
    2. We should display a line "Printed with permission via license #####". Since I know SQL, I can use DB Browser of SQLite or similar to append this to all of the non-blank copyright  strings in the songs.sqlite DB, but realize this is not desirable for everyone.
    3. Many requests as in this thread to modify fonts, leave out <whatever>, etc.

    I'm also going to open a separate thread for this request.

  • Wondering when 2.5.1 will be released without the Written by" text. 

    Sadly, this single issue makes the 2.4.x versions unusable for us, as our songs do not use that field, and it spoils the template. We have no copyright issues.

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