Bounty - $350: Three Display Support (Local Monitor, Projector A, Projector B)

Our church just installed a new projection system. We currently have one projector over the choir (for the congregation to view), we also have a projector in the rear of the church (for those on stage to view - whether it is for sermon lines, music for choir, etc.) and the third display is the local monitor display at the computer system itself.

At any given time, I need to display three different things, one thing on each screen. I should see the main control program on my display (monitor). I should see the "public" output on the screen above the choir. And I should be able to see "private" output on the screen at the back of the church.

I have been looking on the Internet for programs that support this. The only program I have found thus far is Presentation Manager ( It is roughly $350 and looks very ugly and complicated.

I would love to know if openlp supports three displays. If so, great - how do I take advantage of it?

If it does not support three displays, how do we go about getting the functionality added? I would be more than willing to create a bounty for such a feature and paying to the community what I would otherwise spend for Presentation Manager, etc.

In my opinion, having support for three displays could push openlp out on top. Even the massive MediaShout, Easy Worship, and SongShow Plus do NOT support three displays! OpenLP could take a step out in front!

Look forward to your replies.

Thanks and God bless,

Kevin L.


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    Hi Kevin,

    Can you tell us exactly what you want to display on the 3rd screen? That would certainly help us understand the exact requirement. Adding an extra display would not necessarily be difficult, as long as we know what needs to go on there.

    Thanks for your support! 

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Ok, I suppose what I would call the first display would be my local LCD monitor. On this display I would run my local desktop where I could control the presentation and run any other applications I need during the service.

    The second display would be the display that the congregation sees. This would display video, slides, music lyrics, sermon notes, Bible verses, etc.

    The third display should be able to have anything displayed on it that the second display has (video, lyrics, announcements, sermon notes, Bible verses, etc.). However, the third display should work separately from the second display.

    For example, I might want to display a video on the "second" display for the congregation to watch as the choir sings. At the same time, I might want to show the words to the songs on the "third" display for the choir to read.

    Another example, while the pastor is speaking, the "second" display might be showing key bible verses and/or video to the congregation. At the same time, the "third" display might be showing the pastor his sermon outline/notes.

    Basically, I should be able to do the same sort of stuff on both the second and third displays. But I should be able to do it independently.

    "First Display" -> Audio/Video Technician's local monitor

    "Second Display" -> Congregation's projector for normal usage

    "Third Display" -> Projector for anyone on stage to use (without the congregation watching it.)

    Hope this helps! If not, let me know what else I need to clarify, etc.

    Thanks again!!

    Kevin L. 

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    Hi Raoul (others),

    Just thought I would see if you guys had any further thoughts on the dual/triple display items.

    Hope you guys are all having a very Merry CHRISTmas!

    Kevin L.
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    I think this is a great idea. I serve in a Filipino Church and we are thinking on putting a multidisplay system. One to project the camera mixer so people can see the people in fron from far. another to project songs in English, another for songs in Tagalog (filipino language) and finally the Choir/Speaker/Drama screen.

    We wish that in the Choir/Drama/Speaker screen we could have several screens. Like the actual projected for public and the next or something different that will serve as notes for servants in stage.

    Linux seems to be a good platform, not only because of Impress, or the free software, but because there are several Open people with Open minds doing great things like you guys and Obuntu Christian Edition (Obuntu CE). Getting everybody toguether in collaboration would be great. Technically speaking, I think (guessing) it would be easier to manage multiple displays in Linux since the concept of multiple desktops (that I think can just be redirected to different displays) has been there since loooooooong time ago ...

    Blessings on your Gift and specially on your sharing

    Mephi Herrera
    Loma Linda Filipino Church
    Music / Video Ministry
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    This thread seems outdated, but the three (or more) screen idea has always been great.

    The only dilemma for most people is getting the right hardware to support, but other than that the software can handle multiple displays regardless.

    I would see having a foldback screen very useful especially having a clock in the upper corner (to keep track of time) and maybe a stopwatch (for sermons like in powerpoint's presenter view).

    The most viable uses would be having the words controlled by one computer and projecting in multiple languages as required (as noted by the case in the reply below).

    We are thinking of implementing a third monitor as foldback at our church in NSW, Australia for people on the stage.

    Either a few CRTs within a foldback speaker style box or a plasma/lcd on the rear wall.

    Projecting sermon notes on a foldback screen and key points on the front of house screen would probably be the most used idea.

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    I found this mentioned on a blog that referenced a forum posting about easyworship.

    Here is the link:

    This is basically a tool that allows you to select a frame in a program and mirror its output to another screen. IE, you can select the "Preview" screen and mirror it's output to another monitor.

    Will be giving this a try tomorrow night at a revival service. 

    It isn't a real solution, but for those in desperate need... it may do the trick until the next version.

    Thanks for listening to my babbling. ;)

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    Coo, that'll be useful during testing for being able to see the output on the primary screen when I haven't got a second monitor attached.

    Edit: Although I've just realised (after seeing the program in action) that I could do the testing thing with the Windows Magnifier utility as well.

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    Easy fix  Using OPENLP. 


    Video Card with two monitor support... use a video "y" cable on the projector out  run it into a video splitter to both projectors.


    Works like a champ! 

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    I too will soon be installing a second projector for just the same reason this topic was originally started.

    **At the moment I run dual monitor support.  I currently use the second monitor as the master video feed for the second LCD monitor at the control booth, one projector (for the congregation to see), and three LCD monitors on the platform (for the praise team/choir to see).  I use basic vga cabling and powered vga splitters.  (The right hardware is important) It works flawlessly.  I too hope OpenLP will some day have the option for independently and simultaneously displaying mixed content. 

    Develpment thoughts:

     In my mind I see an order of service with a sort of file tree as a sort of parent/child format.  The primary (toplevel/parent) content noted by one color and secondary (sublevel/child) content noted by another just under and attached to the parent.  This showing the link between the two and visually distinguishing one from the other and as to which "display" they will be shown on.  The parent would always be the primary output display, aka. Windows monitor 2, and the child always the secondary output display, aka Windows monitor 3. When "adding to order of service" could be the option of "as child" or "as parent" (or whatever syntax makes mental and develpmental sense).

    Just some thoughts.  I passionately love the idea!  Fantastic. 


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    @scubes13 - Unbelievable nobody tried to get that $350 bounty. To add another display would not be that hard. The question is, how should the content we aligned. @adowers has written down one possible way.

    Edit: A possible working solution might be the parallel usage of two OpenLP instances next to each other, if that is possible!?
  • it is: a portable version first, then installed one.
  • For those still looking, Mediashout does have this capability, but it is $400.
  • We have a number of large changes coming in 3.0 which should provide a foundation to display to more than 1 screen. It is not going to be available 3.0.
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    You can use remote screen on any computer (pc or raspberry) via browser and there can be live view, stage view, remote control, ..

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    "@scubes13 - Unbelievable nobody tried to get that $350 bounty. To add another display would not be that hard. The question is, how should the content we aligned. @adowers has written down one possible way.

    Edit: A possible working solution might be the parallel usage of two OpenLP instances next to each other, if that is possible!?"

    Adding multi monitor support would be great, but it really is not a "not be that hard" task.
    There are many things to consider and do when you start thinking about it and doing things that may seem simple sometimes take quite a while in programming.

    My quick estimate would be something like 30-80 hours for an experienced programmer and + 100 hours for non-experienced one. Given the limited time the few developers of OpenLP have, this is currently not the top priority. Of course, everyone is welcome to contribute! :)

    If you think about the bounty and the work required, you may divide 350 by 100 for example, which would give the person roughly 3.5 $ per hour.

    As a work-around the usage of portable version is possible, alternatively you could use something like PowerPoint to display additional content in the 3rd/4th monitor.
  • Kinda a workaround. 1st Monitor - local, 2nd monitor - congregation view, 3st monitor connected to a raspberry pi or mini pc with web page set to stage view. You can add notes to the verses, they will show up on the stage view but not 2nd monitor.
  • Or even if you had 3 monitors on one PC, you could put the Stage view in a browser on the 3rd monitor
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