Three or more monitors?

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We are trying to use openlp with our new projection system.

We want to use the computer monitor to control openlp, and display the lyrics on both the singers' monitor and the main
data projector.  I guess that a lot of people must already do this?


We have a Vista computer with dual SLI NVidia GEForce 8600 graphics cards (these have two DVI outputs each), with the following displays connected (all connected via DVI/HDMI links -- with the help of some HDMI-over-ethernet extenders because the projector and singers' monitor are 35m away!):

Display 1: The main Dell Monitor 1440x900.

Display 2:  The data projector, 1024x768

Display 3:  The singers' monitor, 1366x768 (this will accept 1024x768 too, so that it is the same resolution as the projector).


We have used the NVidia control panel to'clone' (mirror) the data projector and the singers' monitor.  When we run Powerpoint 2007, it works fine, with the control view displayed on the computer monitor and the current slide displayed on the mirrored displays (data projector and singers' monitor).

However, openlp does not do this.  It seems to override the NVidia clone setup and displays the lyrics on either the data projector, or the singers' monitor, but never both.

Any hints about how to get a singers' monitor working with openlp?





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    The easiest way I have "conquered" this issue is with a "Y" video splitter  attached to the video card "presentation side" output   One side of the Y spiltter, I connect the second monitor on the desktop, the  other side of the "Y" video cable, I run into a true video spiltter box (4 Video Outs)  cost about $100.00


    With this setup, I can display my second monitor and four other video outputs with the same presentation..... by adding a second video card (with two more video outputs)

    I can add a third monitor for a second projector on a back wall which will have an independent output capability if I want to run say like a play or something........

    The front projector would have audience based info while the back projector had the scripts for the skits or play on the back wall.


    I's a cost effective way to run it all from the same computer 



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    marku, uses Windows' monitor settings, so it's probably nVidia's clone setup and Windows that are clashing.

    We are planning on implementing 3 monitors in, as it has been requested a number of times. We're not sure how to handle it yet, but we'll figure that out as we go along. 

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