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I've successfully been using OpenLP for awhile now, but I've found that there is NO WAY to display a Bible Book Name when showing verses. I can set options for chapter numbers and verses, but there are no options for showing ANY book names. Two questions. Most obvious is WHY? Next, why has NO ONE complained about this? It's one of the most basic functions of using a Bible display in a service... There is nothing about this in the FAQ, or User manual, or searches on the forum, etc... Puzzling! I know that I can make custom slides, but that's not possible in a quick lookup during a service. Is this planned for the future? Or is there a hidden setting somewhere? Thanks...


  • Hi,

    When you display bible verses on your main screen the book name + chapter and verse number will be shown in the footer-part of screen - you set this up when you create your theme. You can change the position and size of the theme-footer to make it more obvious if you want.
  • Thanks tgc, that explains where it is hidden, but it doesn't fix the issue and it doesn't fit with the logic of why they have a feature in Bibles to make adjustments to how the chapter and verse numbers are displayed at the TOP, with the VERSE, which is where the book name 'should be' too, logically, aesthetically, and practically.

    Footer content is for me, formatted to show the "legal stuff", so it is small, out of the way and not visible or readable normally, except it is required to be shown. That is a strange choice of a default location for book names. Ideally there should be options in the settings under "Bibles" where different methods or styles could be assigned however the users wish for it to be.

    Now speaking of design functions, it's also strange that Bible verses can't be assigned individual themes, just like songs. But that's something to be fixed when someone gets the time...

    Thanks to all who have indeed worked hard on this project, and for the most part it is a very useful tool!
  • Hi SingerLB,

    I know this is super late (3 months late)!  I just came on board OpenLP.  Awesome FREE product!
    I'm on Windows 7, OpenLP 2.1.6.

    We can assign themes to Bible verses now (one theme for all verses)
    Create a theme and save it.
    In OpenLP, click on  Settings >>  Configure OpenLP... >>  Bibles  >>  in the section Bible Theme, select the theme you just created!

  • Hi Ezra, Thanks for the try, but yes, I use that feature all the time. The problem is that it applies to all verses... I often need multiple themes per verse. For that matter multiple themes per song too.

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