Possible to Have Looping and Timed Announcements Before the Service?

I would like to display announcement images before the service starts. I want them to be timed and to loop. I tried to do that with LibreOffice Impress, but I didn't get either timing or looping. I could manually click from one image to the other.

A side issue with Impress is that, in OpenLP,  the title at the top of the images was black, rather than having the background display through the whole image the way it looks in Impress.



  • In OpenLP 2.1.6, you can right-click on a group of images in the Service Manager, then set them to loop with a timing you specify.
  • Thanks for that! I finally figured out from googling how to get Impress to loop, but I would prefer to use the procedure you describe.

    I'll have to learn what you mean by "group." If it's in the Service Manager, I guess it would be selecting (with Ctrl-click, presumably) several consecutive images.

  • Later:

    I see that the "group" is a Group in the Images section of Media Manager. I gave it a quick try, and it works well.

    I've had some standard announcement images in the Custom Slides
    section, because it is easy to update the text in them. To use the
    cycling feature, I guess I'll need to use GIMP to edit the text, since
    the images need to be in the Images section.

  • In OpenLP 2.1.6, if you're using text only (I know, I did read that you do have images also, not just text alone), you can just use Custom Slides and have that go in a loop as well, assuming you have several slides, example:
    (Slide 1) We are glad to have you here
    (Slide 2) Kindly refrain from eating and/or drinking in the sanctuary
    (Slide 3) Have you silenced your mobile phones?

    As you have mentioned, it is easier to modify the text in Custom Slides.
    If you need the have the images, then yes, you will need to do it under the images section.
  • Thanks, Ezra! For slides with text to be updated weekly, I had a theme for each slide to provide a background image.

    I'm not where I can look at OpenLP right now, but I'll be interested to see how it's possible to loop a group of Custom Slides.

  • I just checked in OpenLP, and I don't see any way to loop a group of Custom Slides within a service file.

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    Hi Lane,

    Was tied up in the past few days.  Guess I wasn't clear in my message above.
    When we create a "custom slide", within that "custom slide", we can insert pages.  Each page will be a slide on it's own.
    Perhaps we can take the analogy of a Powerpoint file to be a "custom slide".  Each file can have multiple pages.
    The pages within a "custom slide" can be looped.
    I apologise if I gave the misconception of multiple "custom slides" can be grouped and looped.  This is not true.

    What I can propose is to use like Powerpoint and do a transitions on it with auto loop.  You will get each page with a different "theme" and you can also edit it, though not directly from within OpenLP as easy as it is with Custom Slides.

    In Custom Slides, I can only get 1 theme per "Custom Slide".  Not 1 theme per page.
    At the moment, there is no grouping function of "Custom Slides" yet which will enable us to loop a group of "Custom Slides".
    You may want to consider putting it up as an enhancement perhaps.

    Best Regards,
  • Thanks, Ezra. I'm glad to learn about the way to loop Custom Slides. I knew there was some kind of multiple page feature, but I've never used it.

    I think what's going to work best for me is a special Announcements group in Images. This allows me to have full artistic freedom for the different images, rather than sticking with a single theme. I'm using Paint.NET for images, and I can have a text layer that is easy to update.

  • I do the pre-service announcements like you describe also but i use the free software "GIMP" graphic image manipulation program.
    it is a free competitor to Photoshop. 
    Paint.net may be easier i don't know but i will be trying it.
    Just to clarify for anyone wanting to loop custom slides we are using the background image and a photo editor to place text onto the image and save it.
    Openlp does have the option to timed auto advance and loop image files.
  • An alternative to using an image editing program that I have found is that if you have your announcements in PowerPoint or Impress or whatever, you can save the presentation as images. It's quite useful as if your church administrator is the person who prepares the notice slides, they don't have to learn any other software to do it (Photoshop is relatively easy, but GIMP, I have found, can be quite difficult to manipulate text).
  • I have been playing with other ideas on this topic, here is my latest success.
    I use Libreoffice impress to make a an xml ppt file out of my slideshow.
    Here is whats needed to have success.
    Make your slides
    Click Slide Transition button on far right on my screen
    Set Advance Slide Automatically After to the time you want the slides to show
    Click apply to all slides
    Next on the top menu click Slideshow
    Then in the sub menu click Slideshow Settings
    Set the type to Auto
    Set the time below auto to "00:00:00" this means loop forever
    Click ok
    On top menu click File
    In sub menu ckick Save As
    Chang the "save as type" to "open office xml presentation .pptx"
    Change the file name and location and save

    Now you can run the file NOT in OpenLP but just in windows via the powerpoint viewer full screen on your projector
    Use the show desktop button in OpenLP to show or hide the slideshow.
  • Since this thread has turned into a pretty good tutorial on different ways to do things, I'll add the following.

    I was using Paint.NET in Windows to edit images, but now that OpenLP is again working in Linux, that's where I'm working. In Linux, I use GIMP for images, but for some time, I did not know how to put a border on text characters, which is often essential in church images. Here is how I learned online to do it:

    After you add the text:
    Layer > Text to path
    Set foreground color for the border.
    Edit > Stroke path (use "Line" mode).

  • I use Canva.com ( They have a free pro option for non-profits, you'll have to check for requirements in your area)  Use it for most of my work @ The church because of the capabilities of templates, and it does some good work. 
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