Video not playing in OLP 2.16 via VLC on Win7 SP1

Hi - I have decided to take the plunge and put windows 7 on our HP530 church laptop which was previously running XP.
This was done with a clean install on an SSD so that we still have the old HD which can be swapped back in if required.

HP530 laptop
Windows 7 SP1
OLP 2.1.6
VLC 2.2.1
Latest manufacturers video driver.

When attempting to play a video the second screen is black but the audio plays. The video plays fine natively in VLC.
The video sometimes plays in preview but most of the time is blank. I have tried mp4, flv and wmv videos, all with the same result and all play natively in VLC.
I have rolled VLC back to 2.0.4. as suggested in a post regarding this issue on XP. No change.

Rolled OLP back to 2.0.5 and the videos work fine with both VLC 2.0.4 and 2.2.1

Despite this small hiccup this is still a fab resource.
Any ideas?


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