rearranging the module panels

I'm having problems getting the display panels to "re- fuse"  together after an attempt by one of my operators tried to rearrange them so it was similar to to Zionworx. the problem is compounded by my lack of fine motor control due to parkinsons.. system is ubuntu 14.04 64bit running openlp 2.1.6..OOPs spoke to soon the panels 're-fused" while i've been typing except that the 'LIVE' arrangement my elders(Who are also operators) had requested was had become media-live-service

THANKS FOR YOU EFFORTS. FWIW I think the programs great



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    Hi Ted,

    Can't tell for sure if you still need help or if all is good.  But I am guessing it's not fixed yet.
    You can rearrange the panels by clicking and holding on the panel headers and moving them around.

    Panel headers such as:
    - Media (a.k.a. Library) Manager
    - Theme Manager
    - Service Manager
    - Projector Manager

    Best Regards,
  • problem is more after is after starting the rearrange process i had major
    issues getting the panes to re-unify. i discovered by trial  and error that you had unmaximise, size the preview/live panel then attach the other panels to the left or right depending on which panel. so all is good now.

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