FeatReq - 'Slide break' facility in the Song Editor.

I would like to be able to restrict the number of lines displayed, so that I can control which lyrics are shown on each slide. I did this in EasyWorship simply by inserting a blank line, and it worked fine, because EW adjusted the font size dependent on the number of lines and took the blank line as a slide break.

With OLP, it appears that I can only do this by inserting blank lines by trial and error. I need a 'slide break' facility which would work if the text fits exactly or if there is space for one or more lines.

The benefit is to present the lyrics grouped in a way that guides the singing - especially useful for new songs and new or visiting congregation members. It also allows the font to be bigger, which helps those with poor eyesight and increases the usable distance from the screen.

The downsides are that the operator has to change the slide more often and the edited song text is more complex (with the blank lines in EW) and a slide break if this were implemented in OLP.

I hardly ever show a whole verse or chorus.

Anglesey, Wales, UK.


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