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Hi, my name is michael, and i'm from Jakarta, and i'm new to this software. It would be a great help if somebody can point me to which website i can download the bibles for this software. Also on how to import my presentation into this software. Thanks


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    Hi Michael,

    To download the Bibles:
    File, Import, Bible, Next, Web Download (you'll figure out from there).

    Note, however, that you cannot download the entire bible from there.  Verses will be cached to your machine as you perform searches.  Once they are cached, they remain there.  OpenLP does come with a default bible though. :)

    To import a presentation, go to the presentation manager, click on the blue icon and a window will pop up for you to
    select your Powerpoint presentation file.

    Perhaps you may want to consider the following links which I used when I first started off, to give me a jump start into using OpenLP

    These links are not using the latest version of OpenLP which is available now, but once you've gone through them, you'll get a rough idea how to move around.

    Once you've played with the software, let us know what areas you need assistance with and the community will be happy to assist.

  • We use opensong bible files and import the whole bible, directions here, Scroll down to importing opensong bibles. It works better for us since our internet is unreliable but a few options there for you. 
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