New operators screen layout

Hi, all,

Just wondering if anyone else is having problems with version 2.2 messing with the layout of the operators' screen.

We have  preferred Default Setup and Live "modes" (under "View") but OpenLP keeps ignoring our layouts and presenting us with the same layout every time.  It's particularly irritating as OLP insists on showing the "Projector" window which is useless for us as we don't use wireless or otherwise "intelligent" projectors.

Have I missed something?



  • It should be possible to close the projector frame by using the little "x". OpenLP should remember that when it is restarted afterwards.
  • Hi, witterholt,

    Yes, I can close it, but OpenLP doesn't remember that and merrily presents the projector window again at next startup.

    And, by the way, upgrading to 2.4 seems to have broken all sorts of things without fixing the "memory" problem!

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    I am sorry to hear that. Let me clearify that I am not yet a developer of OpenLP but a user, just like you are :-). Strangely I don't experience the issues you have with both the screen layout as the memory problems.
    Have you tried to see if you have the screen problem with another user account as well? I think it has something to do with stale information in your user profile.

    I am planning to upgrade to 2.4 next Sunday.

  • @cameronag, in the view menu you should be able to select which windows should be visible. If that doesn't work, there might be an issue with your settings. Does OpenLP remembers other changes made to settings? What the new issues you see in 2.4? And what is the memory issue you mention?

    @witterholt, remember to do the upgrade after the service. Upgrading right before a service is never a good idea...
  • @tgc: I make sure that I am early in church next Sunday. Our service starts at 11:00 AM so when I am there at 8:30 AM I have plenty of time to make a backup of OpenLP en do some tests after te upgrade.
  • Hi Alistair

    As far as we are concerned you have not missed something we have the same issue.  Set all the panels as we prefer like you the Projector Panel, while nice feature is always removed.  I have just done a fresh install of 2.4 on Win 7 machine (Normally church uses OSx), same behaviour, regardless of whether I select Lock Panels, or not Default Live or Setup it reverts at opening to it's own default.

    I reckon this is a bug that is not saving the previous settings set by the user.

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    Hello people!

    If "View" > "Mode" is set to "Setup" or "Live", visibility of panels
    won't get saved and gets reset to that view mode on next startup.

    To fix this, you must reset your View Mode to "Default"

    Edit: This will be fixed in version 2.5.1

    Sorry for the inconvience and hope this helps,


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