Converting old version of Openlp Songs


I have an old version 1.2.7 of Openlp that we are trying to convert the Songs to the newest version, but we are unable bring them in or convert to any file  to be able to use these lyrics to songs.

We tried exporting them, but there is only one option to create a .olp file.

Please help.



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    Here's how you upgrade OpenLP.

    Unfortunately you can't just upgrade from that version to the latest, you have to upgrade in jumps from one to the next.

    First, install OpenLP 2.0.5:

    With 2.0.5, you need to import your "OpenLP version 1 database" into OpenLP 2.0. Instructions are as follows:

    1. Open Windows Explorer.
    2. Click in the location bar at the top (the place that tells you where you are on your computer).
    3. Replace the location with "%appdata%" (without the quotes) and press Enter.
    4. Look for a folder called ""
    5. Inside "" look for a folder called "Data"
    6. Copy the "songs.olp" to somewhere where you will remember it.
    7. Run OpenLP 2.0.5.
    8. Open the song import wizard, select " 1.2 song database" and select that file you saved.

    Once the import has complete, check that your songs all seem fine. As robust as the importer is, it can't always handle all the idiosyncrasies of what we humans throw at it.

    If you have Bibles in 1.2.x that you want imported, follow a similar procedure to the one above, and use the Bible importer in 2.0.5 to import your Bibles into 2.0.5 the same way.

    Now you can uninstall 2.0.5 and install/upgrade to 2.2.1, and then 2.4. Each of those versions should upgrade the database from the previous version you had.

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    Hi, I have converted songs from OpenLP 1.0.1 to OpenLP 2.4.6 without issues.

    I have used the "openlp-1to2-converter.exe" I've found at the link:

    On a Windows terminal (cmd.exe) I ran the following command:

    openlp-1to2-converter.exe Exported_from_1.0.1.olp NewDB_to_Import.sqlite

    I've imported the "NewDB_to_Import.sqlite" using the import Wizard in OpenLP 2.4.6. (Note renaming the file to have .sqlite extention is important, even though the Exported_from_1.0.1.olp is just a SQLite database file)

    Hope that helps you or others reading this!


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