Proper order when turning everything on

When turning on everything is there a proper order or does it matter.  Computer - Projector or Projector - Computer


  • As long as the computer can detect and use the projector, OpenLP doesn't care... But I would recommend connecting the projector before starting OpenLP.
  • As tgc said, I find that if I have OLP running and then connect to the projector, either I cannot display anything, or it takes a very long time to get the display working. 

    If I do connect to the projector when OLP is already running, then it is quicker and easier to restart OLP.
  • We find that on windows the "projector" works better if we have windows running before we turn the projector on. But this is nothing to do with OpenLP. We find that if we follow a documented order things will always work but if one of the AV team decided to take a shortcut something often end up not working properly. My advice is to find what works for you, write it down, and then follow that every time!
  • The procedure I usually follow:

    1a - Turn sound system and A/V distribution on - We actually have an A/V extender setup, so as soon as the extender setup is powered up with the sound board
    1b - Computer on (laptop for us) and log in to computer
    2 - Plug A/V into laptop - Linux on my laptop will detect the HDMI cable plugged in, then setup the extended display setup for me automatically
    3 - Start OpenLP
    4 - Use OpenLP Projector Manager to connect and turn projector on
    5 - Setup service

    Works for us.

  • We have the projector connected using VGA cable and a splitter going to a second monitor next to the PC (Windows 7 Pro).
    The order that is most foolproof for us:
    Turn projector on.
    Wake PC up (we don't usually power it off completely)
    Log on
    Start OpenLP
    It works!
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