Displaying RTL hebrew words in LTR english bibles

I believe there is a bug in the way OpenLP 2.2.1 displays bible text.  I am embedding the original hebrew word in some bibles. For example;
This is a test יהוה Hebrew word. See here for the correct RTL display.  I wrap each hebrew word in a custom formatting tag, specifically
{rtl}יהוה{/rtl} and the tag itself is then listed with <span lang="he" xml:lang="he">.  

Test HTML I created in Chromium browser which works fine, also a test song I created in OpenLP works fine.  However the same arrangement in bibles does not. I exampled the database directly using
SQLite Database Browser to ensure the {rtl} tags remained intact after importing and they did.

I have provided OpenLP support with working examples of the bug but they said they can not help and I should ask in the forum.

So here I am., PLEASE help  (-:


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