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I just ran across OpenLP and hope that this will help me do what I am hoping to accomplish.    

I use PowerPoint for putting together lessons for our Sunday School class.  In addition to the lesson, I usually will put text on static backgrounds for the praise songs we do.  What I want to do is be able to have a video in the background and have a lyer of text that I can manually forward as the songs are played with a piano.  So for timing reasons, I need to advance the text screen manually while the video will still smoothly play in the background.

Is this possible with OpenLP?  I know I could do this with Media Shout or Pro Presenter which our church uses, but I don't have the $400 to lay down for one of these programs.

Any helps or tutorial or directions to accomplish this will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.   


  • Hello and thank you for your question!

    Please see this link for instructions on how to use video backgrounds with OpenLP:

    All the best & hope this helps,

  • Azaziah,

    Thank you for the link and I will check it out.  I appreciate your help.

    Just curious if you have done this and if this works fairly good.  I am hopeful that this will do what I want as I don't want to spend money for another software program.

    Thanks again.


  • Hi Jan,

    Quite a number of us are actually using this method in our churches.  I'm using Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 both 64bit.  No issues so far.  VLC 32bit with OpenLP 2.2.1.  For my cell groups which we hold in houses, I actually bring my laptop along and plug into the host's TV via HDMI cable as well!  Most of us own a TV so it's not a problem.  It brings the church atmosphere into homes during the cell groups!  Haha!  Not all other cell groups in our church does it, but I do :D.  My group says it's awesome!
    Everyone looks at TV screen for songs and during a short message sharing, if there's bible verses, I flash it out on screen immediately as well.  In a way, does not give people a chance to "browse their phones" during that time. ;)  LOL!

    All the best!
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