Output (projector) screen not following Live window when new item selected

I recently installed OpenLP 2.4.2 on a Win 10 PC and it works fine, but has developed a strange fault (I don't think it did it at installation). If I want to display a song, and therefore load it into the Live window, it will only display on the actual projector screen after I have, for example, blanked the screen and unblanked it again in the Live window. The actual projector screen will then quite happily follow the Live window as I select different verses. However, if I then move to another song (which updates in the Live window as expected), the actual projector screen will continue to display the previous song until, again, I blank and unblank the screen.

I have deselected the splash screen and selected an alternative image for the default image in settings, but I don't see why this should be connected (changing them back to the default does not fix it).

If anyone has any advice, I'd be very grateful. Many thanks,



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