VLC related OpenLP display screen bug/problem?

I have win7 home Premium, 64bit, using a ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 graphic card.

This problem occurs when I have VLC selected in 'Players':

OLP 2.4.2 has a problem refreshing the display screen (extended desktop setup) to match what shows in the display thumbnail on the controllers screen. Double click a new item to 'go live' when first started results in nothing - the OpenLP splash screen remains. Click 'show theme' (ie blanking to theme), then 'un-blanking' refreshes the screen as it should show, remaining verses can then be shown, updating properly. Click the next song, same problem, no update to the newer song, previous song still shows. Blank and unblank clears the blockage/refreshes.

Deselect VLC in 'Players' resolves the issue. I have VLC 2.1.2. Will update to latest and report back.


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