Feature Request: OSX and cross platform presentations using OpenOffice?

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After reading FAQ and other documents I now understand that Microsoft Powerpoint integration is not possible in OSX. Mostly because the proper APIs do not exist in OSX versions of Office. I wonder if the days are numbered on the Windows side as well.

I have read the suggestions on this forum for applescript or automator, but those would be limited.

So, may I suggest integration with Apache OpenOffice? There is an "unpublished" API class that, given my ignorance of Java and Python, appears to have everything needed by the powerpointcontroller.py code. I am not sure what Apache means by "unpublished" since it is clearly documented. Perhaps it just means unsupported.

As an added bonus, Apache OpenOffice works with Linux, OSX and Windows alike. Plus it's open source. 

This is the OpenLP code I am thinking needs to be rewritten to support OpenOffice.

EDIT: looks like LibreOffice has the same API, (why not same origins) so this is probably a non-start as well. :(


  • As you noticed LibreOffice has a good API, and we use that on Linux and Windows. We also recommend LibreOffice over OpenOffice, since it is more actively developed.
    The reason that LibreOffice is not currently supported on Mac is that we can't use the API directly, but must use some kind of API bridge solution, which makes it a bit tricky, but not impossible, and we would like to add it.
    I can describe the issue in details if needed...
  • OpenOffice has very limited development at present and there are even questions if the project will close down.
    LibreOffice has 2 - 3 major releases a year opposed to 1 small bug fix release for OpenOffice.
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