Edited Songs show the first theme even if you change it to one of the others by editing

1. I edited a song to change some text and in the process the song got saved with the first theme on the list, previously it was the default (I think that mean't it was blank on the theme tab)
I went back into edit and discovered I couldn't blank or default the theme, so I chose the one that is the default, sent the song live and it still displayed with the theme accidently saved from the first edit.

I edited another song and checked the theme tab and the first theme was prefilled in the theme entry.

If I set the theme for the song in the service then it gets the theme I set,

Tested on Mac OS X and experienced the same behaviour. but also in addition if I edit the song from the service and make no changes (the template entry has been prefilled in with the first theme name)  but then when I save OpenLP throws an Error

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "openlp/core/ui/servicemanager.py", line 1501, in remote_edit

File "openlp/plugins/songs/lib/mediaitem.py", line 331, in on_remote_edit

File "openlp/plugins/songs/lib/mediaitem.py", line 212, in on_song_list_load

File "openlp/core/lib/mediamanageritem.py", line 618, in build_service_item

File "openlp/plugins/songs/lib/mediaitem.py", line 421, in generate_slide_data

File "openlp/core/lib/mediamanageritem.py", line 662, in _get_id_of_item_to_generate

RuntimeError: wrapped C/C++ object of type QListWidgetItem has been deleted


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