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  • AndrewK

    Hi Nick,

    Someone else in a formal liturgical church, yay! Well, that's what I have presumed, given your request for folders for custom slides.

    If I'm correct, I'm wondering about something else to help with the liturgical system. We use the RCL at church and I'm trying to think about how I can make service preparation - Bible readings - easier. I can't get the in-built Bibles to work the way I want, so I simply create image slides from the text which I can then drop into various folders, 1st reading, (or OT reading), 2nd reading (NT reading), and Gospel. But what I have to do each week is manually clear out each folder within OpenLP before I add in the new slides for the current week's readings.

    What I'm trying to think about is whether OpenLP developers can automate that process. I'm afraid of asking because they'll tell me that there are so many different systems, we will all have to write our own process. But I don't know if we would have to.

    Any thoughts?

    March 18
    • Nicthevic
      Hi Andrew - I'm not smart enough to offer you a working solution, but have you tried It has all the lectionary readings, and someone clever enough might be able to scrape them out of there and into OpenLP