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  • No. We have a fair idea of what's going on, but we're still working out how to actually track down the exact location of the cause. It's something that's highly technical and seems to actually be occurring outside of OpenLP's code, in one of the lib…
  • This feature will be in the next version of OpenLP. Unfortunately I can't tell you when that will be released.
  • Thanks for the update!
  • Hi, and welcome to OpenLP. 1. No, not currently. 2. This largely depends on your operating system. OpenLP uses your OS's widgets for its interface. I'm on Debian Linux with KDE, and KDE highlights the currently focused widget. 3. I'm not sure wh…
  • Only if you're encountering any of the issues mentioned in the blog post. Version 2.2 is no longer maintained, we just "support" it because some people had trouble with transparent backgrounds. Version 2.4.6 has a whole host of bug fixes that will n…
  • I just went to their website. I think the importer was written for SongPro 4, and I'm guessing you are using version 5?. Are there any other export options?
  • @XAPBob I recommend you upgrade to OpenLP 2.4.6. Also, yes, SongPro has a text export type (I don't know exactly how to do it, I never wrote the SongPro import, I just remember it needed to be exported), the Access DB won't work. Maybe there's an op…
  • Actually, the team is from around the world, mostly in Europe. I am from South Africa (which I guess is where you got the idea that "most of the team is from South Africa"), but we moved to the Arizona, USA in 2016.
  • The problem most people have with opening PowerPoint (PPT or PPTX) presentations in OpenLP is that they either include huge images or long presentations, and then OpenLP struggles generating previews for the presentations. We haven't looked at Powe…
  • OpenLP already supports SongPro: http://manual.openlp.org/songs.html#song-importer
  • Have you looked at the manual yet? We have a section in there for setting up your monitors. https://manual.openlp.org/
  • "python34.dll" because we're using Python 3.4, not Python 3.2 (or 3.3 or 3.5 or 3.6).
  • That crash report is useless. I don't know why macOS and Windows do that. The "crash" on exit affects all platforms. On Linux you just don't notice it because it happens silently in the background. Again, the crash has no effect on OpenLP because i…
  • Nice! Thanks for the video!
  • We are aware of a crash on exit, but it's actually been extremely difficult to track down. Also, I can't open that event log thing, I presume it's a Windows thing?
  • I've changed the way the forum does uploads. Use the "Attach a file" link to upload a file. The previous system worked, but you had to drag and drop the file into the editor box after uploading in order for it to show up in the post (unintuitive, I …
  • @milon I think there's a setting to disable that behaviour.
  • @blakenz You can do that, of course. In my particular case I didn't have an old WiFi router, so using the hotspot gave my the wireless connection I needed.
  • You mean WMV? Yes, a computer that's old and uses Windows XP probably can't handle the amount of processing required to play MP4's (it's a complicated format). Unfortunately 2.0 is so old we can't offer support for that anymore (I can hardly rememb…
  • 1 & 2. You can find your answer here in the forums, see https://forums.openlp.org/discussion/comment/9163/ 3. There's a work around some people here in the forums have done, some digging should bring up a few suggestions.
  • Determining which songs are duplicates can be tricky, and some people intentionally make duplicate songs. Adding an automatic duplicate deleter would leave a lot our users with a foul experience. Have you tried Ctrl+Clicking the songs in the Librar…
  • Are you getting a big error screen or just a message saying you couldn't be logged in?  A debug log file would be helpful. See the troubleshooting section of the manual for details on how to generate a debug log file.
  • The old 1.x service files were SQLite version 2 files, which I doubt you'll be able to find a reader for. Ubuntu *might* still have the old command line program.
  • Yup. Works like a charm. Make sure you start OpenLP after collecting your PC to your phone so that OpenLP can figure out the IP address.