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  • Hi Stuart PowerPoint Viewer integration into OpenLP is very much a freak, and it works best with the 2007 version. Moreover the PowerPoint Viewer has been announced to be retired in April 2018 and cannot be downloaded anymore. Therefore the next …
  • Would it be possible for you to share a vpc songbook file? Would be interesting to see if it really is encrypted as well.... :-)
  • Just had a quick look at the vpc file. It is a password protected zip file which contains a JSON file. I assume the songbooks are the same. So unless there is a way to know the password or convert the vpc into the know JSON format, there is not much…
  • Hi! For OpenLP 2.4.x you will need to install VLC 2.x
  • Any chance you could share one of these vpc songbooks?
  • Hi! I assume you tried duplicating plugin code from a windows or mac install? That is not possible due to the way the packaging is done. You need to setup a developement environment. See the wiki for how:…
  • On case you missed it, the blog post is up now:
    in Update 3.0? Comment by tgc February 19
  • Unfortunately it is not currently possible to access the video from the stage view. I also don't think images are available... This might change in the next version where the remote API has been rewritten...
  • We don't want to set a date, because we don't really know when it will be ready... But it is getting closer!
  • If you know your way around JavaScript and CSS you could try creating a custom stage view: Feel free to share the result :-)
  • This error message usually comes if the presentation has been loaded into OpenLP, then changed in PowerPoint, and then opened for presentation in OpenLP. The thing is that OpenLP extracts thumbnails and slide headings on the first load, so if the …
  • Hi! This is a defect! What media player gave you set up in the settings?
  • Hi Camil, I'm sorry to say that there is no better way to solve this in OpenLP 2.4, than the one you're already doing.' We will make sure to fix this in the next version!
  • This is unfortunately a known issue with OpenLP and Impress when having many screens. I'm not sure how we can resolve it... One way could be to look into Impress's source code to see how it detects the screens. Ideas are welcome!
  • Hi Jakob, Please don't post in 4 year old threads - create new ones! But to answer your question, yes we will be adding looping video background to the next release. The actual release date is not known yet...
    in Video Loop Comment by tgc January 29
  • Which media player have you selected as the preferred one in the settings?
    in Bug Comment by tgc January 29
  • Hi, I've translated your post using Google Translate, so forgive me if the answer is not spot on. OpenLP on Mac does not currently support PowerPoint or LibreOffice. There is some ongoing work on adding support for LibreOffice, but it is not yet d…
  • The short answer is: Yes, this can be done. The long answer is that I think this would be a nice feature. I've added it as a wishlist item in our tracker:.
  • Hi! It seems there might be a conflict between to presentation files with the same name? Or maybe just a failed presentation load from earlier. Anyway, deleting the folder '/home/dvp/.local/share/openlp/presentations/Impress/Notices 10.odp' should…
  • Hi misu, I split your post into a new thread, since the other thread was almost 9 years old! Regarding your questions: 1: Importing sng-files are supported. 2: Displaying 2 Bible translations is supported. 3: Displaying and handling songs with …
  • We have some changes in the pipeline for how the image from PowerPoint or LibreOffice Impress is made l, and hopefully this could resolve the issue. No final confirmation that it will solve it though...
  • Hi! Sorry for the late reply, but here goes: 1: Not sure what you mean here... 2: Text always stays the same size as defined in the current theme. 3: OpenLP 2.4 can import from EW 2009. The next version will be able to import from newer versions.…
  • Unfortunately not. Google slides is entirely web-based and works very differently from PowerPoint meaning that it is not easy to extend the presentation integration to work with Google Slides.
    in Google Slides Comment by tgc January 27
  • An importer for the new easyworship format will be included in the next OpenLP release.
  • OpenLP works fine on Mac OS! The only thing that does not work is integration with PowerPoint and LibreOffice.