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  • @tomasss: Thank you for the feedback, I'll try to fix the issue. Good idea to only allow transposing when the entire song is being edited.
  • @STEPHANVS I didn't know "/F" was a valid chord, that's why it is ignored. I assumed a chord always started with "alpha" characters, but I guess it should also accept chords that starts with "/"? There are some of the things that you included in you…
  • You can only use the mozilla cert store is firefox is installed, and that is unfortunately not true for all windows installations. We are currently discussing a solution which I think will work, but it hasen't been implemented yet.
  • Hi! I've just created a new build of the chord branch, and I'd like to get some feedback I consider the chord support to be "feature complete" now, since it is now possible to view chords on the special stageview on the main view and to print them …
  • One more thing. If the music files is DRM "protected", then OpenLP won't be able to play them.
  • Hi, If there a reason you did not install the latest 2.4 release? If I remember correctly, the issue you mention is fixed in 2.4.
  • @Godisawesome Could you send me an example of a songbeamer song with chords that does not import correctly? Would be great to get it right the first time @tomasss I'm actually currently testing a new approach using tables instead of spans in the h…
  • To display the chords on the main screen you have to enable it in the settings in the songs section. The problem with the alignment is a bug in the chord handling that I hope to fix in the near future. The transposing is not currently working in the…
  • Hi, The projector manager is only meant to be used if you have a projector that supports a special control interface. So if you try to use the projector manager for your TV (or an unsupported projector), it wont work...
  • Hi, I've given this some thought earlier, but didn't do anything about it. I've created a new wishlist-issue in our bug tracker with some ideas and links: Hopefully I (or someone else) will find some ti…
  • You have to tell us what the bug is... See this for the required format:
  • Hi, It looks like OpenLP expects some copyright info to be in the mediashout songs, but encounter a song without it. So a workaround could be to add copyright to that song. But this is of course a bug in OpenLP, so it should be fixed.
  • Maybe you need to adjust your theme to match your backdrop?
  • Thank you for reporting this error, we'll try to look into it. The fact that you are able to see the preview, probably means that the powerpoint integration is working to some extent, but breaks when going live. Did you open the PowerPoint presentat…
  • Chords will be supported with ChordPro notation, so it will look something like this: A l[C]ine of l[G]yric No need of the c and cl tags anymore. I could imaging that the version of songbeamer could influence the database format, so it might not w…
  • Just to warn you, the chord support is not in trunk yet, but should be soonish.
  • Your IT group is correct, Openlp cannot "talk" to LED displays. But maybe it is time to replace the LEDz display with a monitor and use OpenLPs stage view on that? See our manual for how it works:
  • Currently chords are not supported or imported, but in the upcoming 2.6 release chords will be supported, including import from songbeamer and other formats. We hope to release 2.6 this spring.
  • You need to do the upgrade in steps. First install OpenLP 2.2, and then OpenLP 2.4. Then it should migrate correctly.
  • Thanks for sharing your solution!
  • Your problem might be that the presentation window is set to be hidden. Try pressing "d" which toggles hidding it.
  • Thank you for the test files! I can confirm that this is a bug and have create a bug report here: I expect that this will be fixed in the next bugfix release which will hopefully get released in about …
  • Hmm, it looks like a bug... Any chance you could make the exported xml file available for us to test?
  • Have a look at our fine manual:
  • In the presentation settings there is a option for letting PowerPoint decide which screen to use. Try enabling this to see if it help.