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  • Are you using the remote app or remote through the web browser?
  • Finally got to check this out. New installation  of OpenLp had defaulted to Remain On Slide in Advanced Settings. It now advances to next service item except when running a video. Have to go back to Service view in the Web Remote to get out of video…
  • When using remote, are you using it through the app or through web browser? With web browser you can return to the Service Manager and choose the next item in the service instead of going back to the main computer.
  • No android devices or iOS--computers are win10 and my tablet is running win10 as well. Using Chrome on the tablet. Same tablet for both churches. The strange thing is that it was working in both churches on older versions of OpenLP but not with new …
  • Both are using a router for their own local network. No internet access in either case. Different computers but both on WIN10. Just fishing for ideas. With the one I have to switch back to service view and select the service item I want. Not a major…
  • Hi Name is Jim I'm from Tara, Ontario, Canada. Very small town with a small but mighty Presbyterian congregation. I also preach at a church in Paisley. Actually my churches are both small but working hard to carry on. Have been using this great prog…
  • Good to hear. Have been using OpenLP since 2013. The support here is awesome. Thanks.
  • OOPS Just tried Alt F4 again and it worked this time. Not sure whether I had clicked onto another open window or what happened. Anyway--THANK YOU very much. This will work until I can find the actual cause.
  • Tried both of those. Windows taskbar--close window has no effect either.  Any other thoughts. It has worked fine with all other versions of OpenLP.