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  • I edited theme so verse was on one slide not 2. Now I have blank slide between verses. How do I delete it?
  • I turned phone off & on to make router give it another ip address.  now remote app works! now I need to get things working at church
  • one mobile pings but will not connect to web remote url.  mobile 2 does not ping -it has different network octects but I can access internet via wi fi not mobile/phone Can I use web remote on mobile phone?
  • Done. 3rd moitor displays remote browser -great But on mobiles and laptop still:   'unable to process request - check network settings'
  •  But it says.'You can use the default port number or change it to another number. If you do not understand this setting you should leave it as is.' So I left it as is. So now I need to find the port number..    how? thanks
  • As you may gather I am trying to set up OpenLP on monitor with 3 screens. Yes, I have now understand what 'web remote' is (I think).  I put in my ip address, click link url, but browser says 'site can't be reach'. Internet is working, no proxy (as f…