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  • Sorry for the long time in response. Thank you for the new build. No longer getting the issue of the build reporting it is damaged, however the prompts are not populating with any information. Please see below. (Image) Clicking on the close window c…
  • Due to the mention of libreoffice in the Terminal trace posted above, have uninstalled LibreOffice from my system, as I just had issues opening LO whilst trying to load OpenLP. When opening the executable file from inside the OpenLP package and gues…
  • So, on running the executable from inside the package, using the Terminal to initiate, I got the following on the terminal:2020-06-18 20:36:02.721 OpenLP[9532:509433] It does not make sense 
to draw an image when [NSGraphicsContext currentCo…
  • Still struggling to get OpenLP 2.9.1 to open. Still getting the error message below. Tried running the top level package and the executable inside the package. Will try running from the Terminal and see what error messages I get. (Image)
  • Tried running it from inside the app package after running the command in the website I linked on the executable inside the package. Got the following information in a Terminal window: 2020-06-10 17:19:50.279 OpenLP[8803:489737] It does not make sen…
  • Hi, also trying this and got the same complaint. Found this, which may be helpful in the short run:https://osxdaily.com/2019/02/13/fix-app-damaged-cant-be-opened-trash-error-mac/ *** Edit *** Tried the recommendations on the website linked and, ap…